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  1. Will_C

    Yeah Baby

    I fertilize brassicas with 15-15-15 when I plant them, usually in the 2nd half of Julu. I then add 46-0-0 nitrogen around Labor Day. It gives them quite a boost.
  2. Either a .25-20 Marlin 1894CL or a .357 revolver. Both doe shot at around 40 yards.
  3. Will_C


    Not a .308, but I have a .243 A-bolt II and a .30-06 A-bolt II Stainless Stalker. Both guns are under an inch with several different loads. Have had the .243 for 17 years and the .30-06 for 15. Probably shot 25-30 deer with them, and a pile of woodchucks with the .243. If I was considering another bolt rifle, I don't think I'd look any further. Will
  4. Will_C

    .243 loads

    Sorry about the confusion. Yes, I only have recovered one bullet, all the rest were pass throughs. Actually have never lost a deer hit with that rifle and load. Actually had pass throughs hitting both shoulders.
  5. Will_C

    .243 loads

    Woodchucks-70 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip with 47 grains IMR-4350. Honest .5" 3 shot groups in my Browning A-bolt. Deer- 85 grain Nosler Partiton over 42.5 grains IMR-4350. Slightly larger groups (.7 inch) and I have only recovered one out of 8-10 deer shot with that combo.
  6. Will_C

    Bucket List Rifle Acquired

    A factory drilled and tapped .250 is on my list as well. I picked up a Savage American Classic in .250 a few years ago, and I have a 1960 99 .308 featherweight. Like the .250 cartridge and like the 99. One day... Will
  7. Cut my rifle shooting and reloading teeth on a Ithaca .25-06 30 years ago. Belonged to my father, my brother and I still have it. Can't remember the load, except for using 87 grain Sierra Varminter. Shot less than an inch for a 5 shot group-rookie reloader and a beginning shooter. Sent many woodchucks to the promised land before I had to start buying other rifles. I don't feel it gets enough respect. I love my .222, .243, .250 Savage, and my deer rifles, but the .25-06 is about a perfect one rifle choice for any one hunting large varmints and deer. Will
  8. That is just sad. I live in the Southern Tier and remember when Dicks in Binghamton and Vestal-when they just had the 2 stores-were some of the best places to buy guns. Big enough to have a selection, small enough to give service. I bought and traded numerous guns there. Will
  9. Will_C

    Rain Gear

    I got lucky and picked up the Cabelas MTO 50 on sale last year. Used it quite last deer season, and at some rainy football games. I was quite impressed. I think the regular price is close to $400, though. Will
  10. Will_C

    What you all think of this 7m 08 load?

    Never loaded a heavy bullet like that in a 7mm-08. My Nosler manual shows 35-39 grains of Varget with a 160 grain bullet. Will
  11. Looks interesting to me as a fun rifle to play around me-ample enough for deer yet a pleasure to shoot. Will
  12. Will_C

    Kimber rifles

    I have lusted after the Kimbers since they were introduced. My kind of rifle for my hunting-light, calibers like .257 Roberts, 7mm-08, .260, now the 6.5 Creedmoor, and attractive-yeah, I like good looking rifles. I hav heard just too many stories about function problems and poor accuracy. Don't know anyone who has had one, just internet comments-but when they cost 1,000 -1,200 dollars, and I don't need a deer rifle-I managed to pass them over. Will
  13. I will be scouting the back 30 acres of land we lease. Never have hunted that area much-it's wooded land that slopes into some swampy area. Also work up another load for my .250 Savage. Have a great load with Ballistic Tips but prefer using Accubonds. In Pennsylvania, my cousin had about 25 acres logged-almost a clear cut. We talked about putting a tower blind overlooking that up. Told him I would buy it if he would help put it up. Should be a good place for many years as it regenerates. Will
  14. Will_C

    Where Are The Snow Shoveling Kids These Days??

    It's not just lack of kids going out to make $$. I have a 65ish lady that lives next door. She has grandsons between 12-20 years old that live within half a mile of her. It would probably take 2 kids an hour or two to clear her drive and parking area. Guess who plows her out? Me and my tractor. I'd feel better if the kids were trying, hell I wouldn't let them struggle with it-I'd go over. It would make me feel better of they were out there though. The lady always offers to pay me, but I won't take anything. Will
  15. Will_C

    Hunting boots

    Muck Arctics from 15 degrees to 45. Below that Rocky PAC boots, above that Danner Pronghorns, 400 grams. Will
  16. Will_C

    Handgun carry while rifle hunting

    Only for NY residents. Others can't possess a handgun for any reason. Will
  17. I bought a crossbow this year-a Parker! I have plans on using it indefinitely, but now who knows! I did buy some bolts last weekend-I think I have 14 now. I plan on using it until it breaks-hopefully many years. i love guns, but the crossbow is just a tool for me-like my hunting knife. I've had that for 20 years and probably will never but another unless I lose it. Rifles-I have enough to carry a different one every day of the week. I have friends who are just the opposite-same rifle they have used since they were teenagers, but buy a new bow every other year. Will
  18. Will_C

    sum up your season!

    I shot my first deer with a crossbow-that was neat. Shot 2 doe in Pa. So I have some meat in the freezer. Didn't see a single buck.
  19. Will_C

    Knife Sharpening ?

    I use the Work Sharp tool. A couple of passes and my knives are sharp enough to shave. It cost a few dollars, but I enjoy having a sharp knife with 30 seconds of time. Just bought new belts after 5 years. Will
  20. Will_C

    Parker bows closing

    I just bought a Centerfire this fall. First crossbow and I like it a lot. I'll stop by the dealer and see what they think. Probably buy a string and cables if they have them, and some capture nocks. Really not happy about shelling out $750 on an orphan. Will
  21. Will_C

    Pretty Funny

    Same with me. I was driving across a hay field with my UTV Saturday to get to my blind-saw a 6 point buck in the field at 6:15am. Hunted the entire day and didn't see another deer! Will
  22. Will_C

    Credit Cards

    We are all gun owners-that's how I look at my one credit card. It is an incredible tool that I use sometimes when I need it, but not being careful will lead to danger-just like a firearm. Will
  23. Will_C

    How many is to many?

    We hunt 155 acres-80 owned and the neighboring 75 leased. The surrounding properties have either no or low hunting pressure. We shoot anything we want to (and of course have tags for). We usually average 3-4 bucks and 5-6 doe. Deer are always there except for the last 3 weeks of gun season-they seem to hole up on the other properties. Usually we will kill 1-2 on the last weekend of rifle and MZ season .
  24. Will_C

    I'm a proud dad of an Eagle Scout!

    I'm a school principal-have been to several student's Eagle award ceremonies. I can tell you every one of those kids has went on to have successful lives. I even hired one of them to come back and teach for me. Congratulations.
  25. Will_C

    What's your ML load?

    110 grains T7 with a T/C 250 grain bonded Shockwave through a .50cal. Encore. I am about through with a pound of T7 I bought 10-12 years ago, thinking about trying Blackhorn 209-heard good things about it. I'll probably pick up a can and play around with it in the winter when there is nothing else to do. Will