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Team effort! Big Longbeard down!


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Pop and I got it done Saturday morning....hunted a new property had know idea what we were in for...did a little scouting the afternoon before and found some area where they looked like they would be...We were right!!! I did the calling Pop did the killing! Struted across a 300 yard field all the way into the decoys! Coolest hunt we were ever on! Nothing better than a father son team! 22 pounds, 9.5" beard, 1.25" spurs. Awesome 3 year old bird!










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Congrats on the bird.  Keep that relationship going for as long as you can.  I have hunted with my dad since I could, and I am now 23.  We tagged out (for that day IMO) Saturday morning with long beards as well.  No greater reward than hunting with the man that taught you how to hunt.

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