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Lever Action Tacticals

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Going through this month's American Rifleman giving the lowdown on what is new in the firearms world for 2023. I have noticed several new lever action rifles outfitted with the so called tactical look, I have also seen some of the old standbys getting a tactical makeover outfitted with accessory rails and synthetic stocks.  The manufacturers have been coming out with alternatives to the autoloaders. I have read some pretty convincing articles on lever action's ability to be a defense weapon.

Fightlite's totally new design is an interesting one, uses some features found on ARs, said to be starting out chambering 223 and300 Blackout with 6mm Arc and 450 Bushmaster  down the road.

Not my cup of tea but I am sure there are some that will have one in their arsenal.



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You got that right but there are plenty of folks that like that look. I do like the idea of a 223 lever action. Browning I think chambered their BLR in 223 at one time in a much better looking rifle.


8 hours ago, bugsNbows said:

F U G L Y.


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These are the type of rifles Wyatt Earp would've needed if he had a SWAT team.


Why are they making a tactical lever gun in .35 Rem?  Don't you need lots of ammo for a tactical firearm?  Can't find .35 Rem and it costs a fortune to stock up 1000 rounds if you can find it.

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All these wildly different looking guns all basically function the same. But as you go down through them all, you can quickly figure out which ones the gun-banners would target first. Their thinking is 100% based on appearance with no real logic being applied at all. 

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