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Dang coyotes!

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Got in my stand Saturday morning at 7:45.Sat there all day and didn't see one deer and was wondering why .Then at 6pm a pack of coyotes started howling and yipping about a 100 yds from me.Then another pack started carrying on between my stand and where I park my truck.I thought I better get out of here while it's still daylight.Went back Sunday am and was on stand before daylight.Again the coyotes were howling everywhere and again no deer to be seen all day which was very discouraging. I had over 100 pics of deer from my 2 trail cameras back in early Oct.Several does , a couple of small bucks and a beautiful 10 point but now I can't even find a track of a deer.Anyways I got on stand this morning and just as it was getting light enough to see I thought I would try rattling .So I rattled for a couple of minutes and after a couple minutes I heard something coming.I thought all right about time I see a deer! But it wasn't a deer it was a coyote and it came within 15yds but it didn't give me enough time for a shot.So I continued to sit in the stand and 2 hrs later I heard something walking behind me .I looked and it was another dang coyote.I watched him for a few minutes and he gave me broadside shot at 35 yds .I didn't know that I hit him until I climbed down and went over where he was.There was blood everywhere, so I started following the blood trail and couldn't believe how far he ran before he expired.At least a hundred yds and I hit him right behind the shoulder.


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Shoot as many coyotes, as often as you can! There should be a year round open season on them! They certainly are not an endangered species! SSS... 24 - 7 365. Not too often, do you see a bunch of deer living on a property with lots of coyotes.

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Nice trophy right there, though probably not so good eating! Perhaps you would be further ahead setting a couple more stands up in the area and do some calling, thin out the coyotes a bit. the area sounds like a good idea for a trapper to work, too if you knew any.

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