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Have been looking to get myself another 44 mag revolver and decided on a barely used early 80s classic style Ruger Redhawk. Got the grips changed out and put in a fiber optic style front sight. Will be looking forward to testing it and it's GP100 357 Mag brother out over the summer with a bunch of various handloads, should be fun.




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I'll throw in another one. I had one of these but sold it a few years ago. I bought it at some little country store in Vermont . Mine was nicer than the one in this pic. I bought it for 250 dollars back in 2004 I think. I never seen anything like it before at the time . Had a friend of mine sell it on gunbroker about 6 years ago. I had maybe 60 guns and decided to thin the herd a bit of guns I had never used . I had him sell 15 guns for me. This gun was fun to shoot both with butt stock attached and as a pistol . But I really didn't have any use for it . Sold it for $1,050 on gunbroker. I was amazed.

Its a Uberti 357cal that had matching serial numbers on the detachable butt stock and pistol. The pistol had an 18 inch barrel . We laughed like hell shooting that thing. Fun gun but I had no use for it. I didn't know anything about the gun when I bought it at the time. Just never saw one like that. Had no idea it was worth that much. Neither did the country store that sold it to me .



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