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  1. I would definitely shoot a jake this year. actually I'm hoping to bag one, not just cause their good eatin, but I also want the fan for my full strut decoy. always prefer a longbeard but any legal bird will do for me
  2. haven't heard anything yet but I did see about 10 birds out in a field yesterday with one big gobbler strutting around
  3. well thanks for all the info everyone! think we're gonna go with a .243 bolt action. now I just gotta find one in my price range. think I'll start a new topic for that.
  4. never had a chance to sight in my scope this year on my rifled shotgun barrel so I went out with the smooth bore with rifled slugs and just a truglo fiber optic sight. double lunged an 8 pointer with it (only a 15 yd shot though). never did any traditional archery though. maybe next year
  5. came out pretty good. real good price too. 8 point 165lbs dressed, shot on Nov 21 with a 3" slug
  6. Mossberg 500 12 gauge, Truglo Strut Stopper Xtreme choke, Remington Premier High-Velocity Copper-Plated Buffered Turkey Loads #5. And... PSE Fire Flight with 100 grain Magnus Bullheads. All Head Shots!!!
  7. just store the guns at your girlfriends house and your wife will never know!!!
  8. I cut them up myself too but I have a butcher do my grinding and they add some fat in with it and vacuum seal them for me for just a couple bucks a pound. makes awesome burgers and meatballs. I like doing the rest myself, plenty of videos online to show you how
  9. 9.5" beard, 1" spurs, 24lbs!!!Beard is super thick and bushy like a paint brush!!! Got him run and gun style. Used the box call at the top of a valley so it would echo real loud, he gobbled back immediately!!! Had nice 10-15 minute conversation with him before he came right between the 2 trees I needed him to walk between at about 25 yards. Hope to get one of his buddies with the bow this year!!!
  10. Just make sure you get a lot closer to the deer than you did while rifle hunting! Makes killing them a lot easier!
  11. if you want to do that where you hunt because you think you will shoot a bigger bird next year, that's fine. We have tons of turkeys where I hunt and even more on the property across the street, so it wouldn't make much sense here. I actually hope to shoot a jake this year so I can use the fan for my full strut decoy. but to each his own I guess
  12. Still got one in the freezer from last May from a nice big gobbler. What should I do with it???
  13. She's about 5'5" and about 120 lbs but she can handle a 20 gauge with turkey loads no problem. she can probably handle a little more recoil than most women her size but don't want something that's gonna knock her on her ass.
  14. 12 gauge for me, 20 gauge for her! Both Mossberg 500 with Mossy Oak vinyl camo gun skins. Using 3" Remington High Velocity Turkey Loads #5 for me, #6 for her. Gonna try to each blast one early then switch to the bow later in the season.
  15. Couldn't agree more! I had a Mossberg 500 20 gauge combo for years and loved it. Then my girlfriend got into hunting so I bought the exact same combo in 12 gauge and gave her the 20. Comes with a smooth bore vented rib barrel and a fully rifled barrel with a scope. I use it for deer and turkey but you could use it for bear, waterfowl, or small game too. Plus you can use it almost anywhere in the state. Best bang for your buck in my opinion! But if you have to get a rifle, probably better off with a 30-06. Now that you can't buy ammo online in NY anymore, 30-06 rounds are easier to find than some other calibers.
  16. Figures, my girlfriend can start arguments without even saying a word!!!!
  17. I liked it man. What kind of cameras did you use??
  18. Want to get her a rifle this year but wasn't sure what caliber to get. Need something with enough power to take down deer but wont knock her off the treestand. She shoots a 20 gauge with turkey loads in it no problem but she's a small girl. Not looking for real long distance shots (200yds max if that). Was thinking maybe a .270 but was wondering what you guys thought.
  19. I got a brand new Mossberg 500 12 gauge from dicks last year with the 28" barrel with vented rib and a 24" rifled slug barrel with scope for $350. I think Mossberg is about the best bang for your buck you can get. Just put a nice extra full turkey choke and fiber optic sight on the bird barrel and you got a hell of turkey gun! I even got the mossy oak camo shotgun kit for like $25 and it looks sweet! Already shot a buck with it now it's time to try it out on gobblers! Been using the same gun in 20 gauge for years for turkey but my girlfriend started hunting so I bought the 12 and gave her the 20. Highly recommend Mossberg!
  20. In person it had more of a pinkish/purplish hue, that's why I thought it might be mixed with a rainbow
  21. We always ask just to make conversation and be more personable with our customers. Not a policy or anything. But Doc makes a good point too. Maybe I was wrong about their stats being off (they are a much larger company than the one I work for) but I can tell you from my experience that no one I have ever moved has said it was for any kind of political reasons.
  22. Awesome vid man!!! Wish I could take a trip like that. You getting it mounted???
  23. First of all, I don't think this article is 100% accurate. I'm in the moving business and we move just as many people in to NY as we do out of state. I don't think people are flooding out of NY like this article implies. Second, nobody I have ever moved out of state ever mentioned that it was because of political issues or gun laws or anything like that. Most people who move to a different state do it for work or retirement. We all know that there is a lot of political BS that goes along with living here in NY but it's not driving herds of people across the border for greener pastures. People move for financial reasons, not because they don't like the governor.
  24. Caught this guy last May in Dead Lake in Washington County along with 4 brookies. Assumed it was a hybrid maybe mixed with a rainbow or something. Anyone else catch something like this before??? P.S. Ignore the date on the pic
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