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Bill to ban lead ammunition in Senate right now

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Hey all, not sure if folks are aware of this, but the NY Assembly passed a law end of March this year to ban the use of lead ammunition for hunting on all public lands in the state (DEC and DEP). The argument for this is to protect NYC drinking water, though no proof exists that lead ammunition for hunting has any impact at all on NYC water, and this bill doesn't even mention fishing tackle.
If passed, this would take effect Jan 1, with no plans for phasing this in.
As I mentioned, this has already passed the NY Assembly (where it has failed in previous years). The corresponding Senate bill is in committee right now, but will likely pass a Senate vote soon (based off previous years where this bill passed Senate but failed Assembly).
While many (myself included) are in favor of voluntary use of non-toxic ammo, this bill as it is currently written is likely to limit access to a lot of NY state public land hunters given the limited access to non-toxic ammo and the increased cost of that ammo. It is also likely to be a nightmare for the ECOs to enforce and result in increased tension between hunters and DEC.
The information on this bill can be found here: https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/bills/2021/s5058
I encourage everyone to call your state Senators as soon as possible and let them know you oppose this.
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DEC put together a workgroup to give their two cents i've heard, but their review seems to be separate from the legislative process and movement of the bill so far. Which isn't necessarily good. It's still in the senate EC committee though and no hearings or meetings are scheduled at the moment. National Deer Association has a position statement that is being sat on until the DEC workgroup issues a report. Hopefully it will highlight some shared concerns that the legislature can take into consideration.

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Worse part about is all of your existing ammo is now worthless.

So if you have been planning ahead and ensuring you have enough ammo for your kids or grand kids, now its all useless.

No grandfather clause, etc.

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The law is written to include all DEC and DEP public land in the state.  Aware of the working group in the DEC, but I get the sense they were caught off guard by overzealous legislators.  Hope the Senate backs off and leaves this in the hands of the DEC where it belongs.  But just in case, call those Senators and let them know!

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I have heard all the arguments against lead bullets and lead shot, and am not certain that I agree with any of as being significant. I am certain that this bill is just another in a long list of hunter harassment laws that have become so popular in NYS.

Many of us hunters have accumulated significant stocks of ammo, some representing many long hours of reloading. The anti hunters and anti-gun forces would like to strip us of any stocks of ammo and have us begin reloading all over again, especially now that ammunition has become scarce, even some of the components.

This particular law is nothing more than another way to frustrate people out of the activity of hunting.

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On 8/9/2022 at 11:23 AM, doulos said:

This state never stops its BS against hunters and firearms owners. And it never will without a radical political shift. I have very little hope that will happen.

Let's Start by getting Lee Zelden elected... 

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