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growalot's Contest Thread

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LOL seriously what is this all about anyhow I must have missed something.

That was my though as well til' I just looked at the turkey hunting contest thread. I missed the boat for signups.

 Oh well, just more time for me and my rifle to watch the backyard for yotes! lol


Good luck on the turks!!!

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I squeezed the trigger on a Jake at 8:40 this morning at camp.
 Left the house at 3a.m. and arrived at camp at 4:12am...I packed in my chair blind for it was colder down there and the breeze was a bit much...after setting up the chair I put out a feeder and alert hen....Watched deer...got some video and squirrels wonder around me and listened to a constant melody of gobbles on all sides of me....most were off our land... as the morning became brighter I was surprised to still be hearing so many gobbles....and there was one in the gully 400yrds down and to the rt that rose and fell away many times...I fell asleep a couple of time...yes snoring woke me and in between naps I would do runs and yelps and feeding sounds...at 8:20 I spotted glistening brown and glassed a single Tom...so I purred and clucked and he gobbled. I stayed quiet when I see not one but many red and wht heads bobbing my way.  There were 7 birds making a be line and I just kept counting and looking for beards as they straggled behind one another....No not a beard in the bunch....I said that the first one to display I'll call and shoot...he did and I answered...the Winchester 3X dropped him at 37 yrds...All the others but one ran away and I got out the video cam...about then my bird recovered enough to flap his wings...I got them both in the video...Too cool

Have to say he's the smallest bird I have ever shot...but will taste good...1/4 buttons and a 3in. beard....I weighed him totally dressed and skinned and his oven weight is 11.06 pounds.....It was a great morning at camp....

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