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Live From The Woods 2023-2024 Edition


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16 minutes ago, WNYBuckHunter said:

Quiet morning so far. We are setup in a transition area between heavy bedding and a corn field near a spot that I know they cross a creek. We shall see what happens. 

Good luck to anyone else that’s out!



Good luck! Looking forward to being able to take my grandson, and finally have a hunting partner again. 

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Clean miss on a fat doe about half hour ago.
Had just squeezed the orange rubber pig a few times quiet and in cam a tiny fawn with no spots, a full size doe and a bigger doe. They were in same trail all facing me under ten yards from my stand.  The fawn was nuzzling the one doe, and the doe grooming her. So I figured that was her momma.The bigger doe browsed about a few yards ahead.

When they were all blocked from my view I went to draw the bow and could not get it back the first try. I have two plates and 13 screws in my left wrist after falling off a ladder a few years ago. It cause a lot of weakness in that wrist and sharp pain when I draw back. 
My second attempt to draw was a success and then I had to hold full draw for a very long time until the big doe cleared some trees. It actually was not bad because I rested the bow at full draw against my leg to steady it. 

Finally she gave me a great quartering away shot and I took my time to try and either slip it behind her leg and into the heart or have it miss if need be under her. I can live with a miss but not feeding the coyotes up here. (Had one go by me this morning limping) 

When I shot I was pretty sure it was a pass through and I had her. She flinched, acted startled, then bolt a few yards and stopped   I thought she was going to tip over in front of me. The other deer just stood and watched, then one walked over and sniffed the arrow sticking out of the ground. 

I took a bunch of pictures of them and a little video too after shooting. Eventually they all wandered off so I quietly got down and went to my arrow.  As it turned out it was a clean miss just under her. The one thing I did learn though is I miss judged the distance. I only use one pin and practice only out to around 20 yards and try to limit myself to that. She was actually closer to 30. 

Deer are moving a lot this morning.  As I’m typing this, 4 more does just came down the hill about 60 yards up hill from me.  

I guess I’ll stay out here a while longer today. I just might get a second chance.  




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My youth hunter didn’t wanna get up this am, so I went out with the bow. Forgot my flashlight but I’m on a field edge so can see ok. Get 30 yards from my stand and I see a black blob. Yup, black bear 25 yards from me. I say hey bear and he just walks away slowly. Climb up real quick and he came Back right after. Saw 16 Turkey and 8 doe this am. All around 9am.

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My son and grandson were out this am in Geneseo . He said it rained quite a bit but they did see a few doe and fawns . Blake was holding out for a big buck but that didn't happen . The did see 3 coyotes at over 200 yards but didn't shoot . 

The Genesee Valley Hunt Club rode by with the dogs to chase the fox . I wonder if that is what kicked out the coyotes . The riders went past one of my cuddeback cameras in the woods . Matt said there was at least 20 riders . 



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