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Lake Effect!! (AGAIN)


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It has his again..................It always amazes me when these bands hit.  We have nothing but an inch or so but just a few miles south they are getting crushed.


I'd hang a screen shot of the radar but that is out of my pay grade.  :)


How is the snow in your area?  (extra points for pics)

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Nothing photo worthy yet. Maybe 4"-5" so far but I didn't go out to stick a ruler in it yet.

If I'm real quiet, I can hear the LE snow machine getting revved up down the road.

Outdoor thermometer says 13 so I wont be going out until it warms up another 20 or so.


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Many sympathies to those in WNY and Directly east of Watertown.  Drove up to Redfield my self last night to grab my ATV, otherwise it would've sat there til May '15.  They had about 18" although they had 1 - 3 feet predicted by Wed.  Logging roads are impassible at that point.


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38MPH GUSTS AT THE AIRPORT NOW.  man-O-man are things brutal.........This storm is far from done for those in the path.  It doesn't look like its544444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444


sorry, a kitty just went across my keyboard! He is now sleeping on my shoulder...................here's a picture:





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