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Free Treestand Safety Harnesses

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This thread is for members to post up safety harnesses that they would like to give to hunters who could use them. If you need a harness, post a reply and include what area of the state you are in so that the closest member with a harness to give away can respond. Here are the rules:

-Harnesses must be made available at no charge

-Members giving harnesses away should post the area of the state that they are in

-Members requesting harnesses will be responsible for shipping costs or will arrange pickup of harness

-Harnesses will be new, no used or damaged harnesses

-Members involved in the individual deal will be responsible for making sure the deal goes fine

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My brother and I are on the look-out for a couple of climber tree stands that we're planning to buy in the coming month. We were looking at one that comes with a harness (Field & Stream Primetime Lite) but haven't locked ourselves to it yet. If we go with one that doesn't come with a harness then I will need 2 harnesses.

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I think that I have 2 (but need to check as I forgot)...anyone near Pawling 12564 let me know. I definitely have one that I got with a hang on and I have used for 2 years (there is nothing wrong with it) but just bought the HSS one so i will not be using it anymore. I believe I have another that came with another stand i bought as well. Let me know if you can use one..........my wife would be more then happy for me to get rid of them as they just clutter the garage!

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