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My goose hunting video!


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Better to shoot incoming geese, then let them land and try to shoot them in the backside as they try to fly away.  I think a lot of geese were crippled here.  

I'm afraid this video will not enhance the image of goose hunters among the general populace.  Heck, can't even let my grandchildren watch it, unless I turn the sound off and want to explain the poor shooting choices that were made.

I doubt you would consider taking the video down from Youtube, but I would like you to.

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As a regular goose hunter here are my thoughts. The author states that he edited some footage but he definitely should have edited out the profanities from the video. Foul language hunters display a negative image of hunters and is not something we want to pass on to our new young hunters. Secondly cripples do happen to the best shooters. It is ideal to have a dog to send after cripples but if you do not have a dog you should slowly and safely walk towards a cripple until you are in range to dispatch it. The video shows a hunter running with a loaded gun towards a cripple which is an unsafe practice. A safe hunt is a good hunt any day.        valoroutdoors.com 

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