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Live From The Woods 2022 Turkey Edition


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"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Wayne Gretsky

Best turkey hunt of 2022, even without a shot fired. 

Had a trio of Toms come within 60 yards of me and would not commit to my two hen decoys.  Another 20 yards and I would have swung on them.  There were in the field for a good 45 minutes before they got that close, so they were not spooked.  They stayed on the far side of the field and eventually met up with 2 more hens.  They all fed for half an hour or so, and then went back into the woods.  I circled around and found them in an uncut alfalfa field with just their heads barely above the grass.  I snuck in within 50 yards but had no shot on them.  They again wandered off and I never saw them again.  

I did see a young buck with horns sprouting up above his ears, so already looking forward to the next season. 


Congrats to @WNY Bowhunter - way to make it happen!! 

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