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Live From The Woods 2022 Turkey Edition


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Came close today on Public! One more day to go. Home- Boxing + martial Arts now with full body weight training before it gets too hot.
Imagine you had access to some private land ! You would be tagged out !!!

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I ended up passing a shot on the longbeard that I've been after this morning. Sat out in the front field until just before 8:00 when I got up and walked out to a hayfield that was just mowed. Got right to the corner and see a big full fan out the field about 75 yds from me. So I snuck up on him and he was just out there fanning looking around gobbling. I crawled up to about 55-60. Had a solid rest and he was just standing there in the wide open. The 835/TSS combo wanted to bark but just too iffy. One last try there tomorrow morning 

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     Got to my Public area and kind of Snoozed in my SUV. Heard a Gobble at 5.12am that brought me to Life.
   I hunt 2 Huge areas and 2 Smaller chunks  of Public. 
   Out  like a Cat- Fast still.
 Got within 80 yards of a Roosted Gobbler. Waited for him to fly down. He loved that Red Cedar Box and,I laid it on him.
  Damn Hen close to him called him down and away she took him- far from her competition.  His Trailing Gobbles confirmed what,I knew.
   Plenty of Hens this Spring in Orange. Maybe too many. They are still very active .
  Cynthia will be with me tomorrow.  Knowledge  gathered today might help her to Bag that Gobbler tomorrow.  
 Heard close and far- a good 8 Gobblers. 
Private land gobblers don't even like staying with hens.

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59 minutes ago, turkeyfeathers said:

Dropped off daughter. Back in. 112 minutes to get er done. 82 degrees out. Thermacell , shotgun and vest on and headed in. 

man I haven't had bad bugs all season but i grabbed my thermacell last minute sunday morning and it saved our ass. We were getting destroyed before we even set up even sprayed down with permethrin. That thing was god's gift to turkey hunters and stream fishermen. 

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