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Check this out , 50k mark up ??


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16 hours ago, Nomad said:

 More power to them if they can get it .

They do. Next year is the last year of Hellcat powered vehicles, and prices have gone through the roof. Hellcat Durangos, Ram TRXs, Trackhawks, Challenger Superstocks, etc are all selling for $130k and up. Even used ones. You will never come across a “good deal” on one again. 

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23 minutes ago, Nytracker said:

Damn ... thats alot of money before the 50k ... and I felt guilty paying for the upgraded interior of my pick up .  I guess I will always be a beer kind of guy . 

Yea agree,I do spend a lot of time in the drivers seat and I enjoy a plush interior ..but shelling out 150k for a vehicle is nuts to me .

I think my nicely loaded Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited was under 40k

Its plenty quick enough for me and a tank in the deep snow ..


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