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Garden 2022

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15 minutes ago, corydd7 said:

That's cool John. What do they taste like? I need to do this or make more butter tomorrow before mine go bad.

On a side note my garden needs some heat!  It's hard not to pick what i have but another week and the heat coming this weekend should make the garden pop. 

Also cucumber crisis 2022 has been avoided. After a second planting I have some healthy seedlings. 

Mild garlic flavor with good texture.   We made scape pesto a few days ago and tonight we had scapes sautéed with asparagus.  Love em! 

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i have a fenced garden but have struggled with moles or chipmunks or something nibbling at my cucumbers and stuff over the years. Well this year I go out to find my 6 pepper plants just severed. Like someone took prunners and just cut them at the stem. I'm f'n annoyed and pissed now. It doesn't even make sense. There's a hole in the corner where something burrowed up into the raised bed. I now have some mouse and rat traps out there but idk if this creature likes peanut butter. 

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Garden has been in for 2 weeks . Everything has doubled in size . Have had to waterb3 times now even well mulched . Garlic has scapes . I will cut them this afternoon.  Garlic tips took a freeze a while back . Tips were  yellow  . Yellow is now spreading down the leaves. Pulled back the mulch from around the plants and it was real wet . Hope thats the only problem . Stems are real thick and hardy this year  Should hope to get some big bulbs at harvest. 

Yesterday  morning I had to be to work early. When I walked to the kitchen the motion detector light was on . I walked out to 5  deer standing in and around the garden . Im sure 3 were bucks . I yelled at them and they just stood there.  So in a t-shirt and boxers I slipped on my crocks  and had to walk to 15 yards and they finally broke and ran into the brush. Good thing it was so early .  After work I vacumed the carpet collected the bag of dog hair and spread it around the garden . Upon inspection they nipped off a pepper plant  squash and 4 tomatoes.  Last night after dark I personally  marked the 4 corners of the garden.  

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That sucks guys. Before my fence went up the deer got to four of my pepper plants. Two are not really recovering but the other two grew back thicker and healthier then prior to the deer pruning them. Hope they grow back for you guys. 

After fishing yesterday I came home to this girl in potatoe garden. They are suppose to be toxic for deer so hopefully she wasn't the culprit and it was the racoon I caught that morning.


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Amazing how cool the weather has been for this time of year. My jalapeño seem to be suffering most. I haven't been checking to closely this week as it's been crazy but tomorrow will be a big check in day...fertilize some of the weaker plants, tie up some of the tomatoes, etc

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First ripe cherry tomato. Although this plant is pitiful and prob won't produce much 7393ca762d6dfc059144b423c54d58f4.jpg

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Crazy!!! I was excited to see the thought of a tomato!!!

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Two pepper plant growing so differently in the exact same conditions.

Everything pictured is from seed
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Hungarian wax peppers leading the way. Jalapeños are abundant as well. Just a couple banana peppers and I snacked on the two pieces of okra that were ready.

My tomatoes are just like Biz, Four feet high flowers but no fruit yet. 

Garlic is ready but I'm headed for a pool day today then maine till Thursday. Hope the garlic hangs in there.


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