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2021 garden thread


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My garden is not doing as well as expected. My tomatoes got blight again. My beans are just starting to come. My cabbage cauliflower and brussel sprouts aren't doing anything. Eggplant nothing. Couple zuçchinis no yellow squash plants are late  . No cukes. My swiss chard and collard greens are looking  good.. Beets coming. Corn sucks. Okra first time coming looking good. Green peppers a few. Garden 35x70 not doing what I want but the rain ain't helping.

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Asian eggplant is abundant (I gave three away to neighbors walking there dogs today), as is yellow squash. I was away on business the last couple of days and the zucchini got way to big, probably make bread with it. Italian eggplant is getting there probably a week away. Cukes aren't healthy and I'm not sure what to do about that, still getting slicer cukes but the pickling ones are dieing off. 

My peppers that the deer ate are making a comeback and looking healthy! Hopefully they keep staying away with this deer spray I'm using! Not cost efficient at all but I grew these plants from seed in February and want results! 

Wish everyone having a difficult time good luck! If I'm around I always fertilize lightly before a hard rain and it seems to work for me.

Sunflowers should have there first full bloom tomorrow I'll try and remember to take a picture. 




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