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Well that escalated quickly !


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LAPD, removed 5,000 pounds of illegal fireworks from a home ,along with “ Ten pounds of ,improvised explosives.”  They detonated that on scene in their containment vessel , which could easily and safely explode 15 pounds ....

Damaged homes and flipped cars in a two block radius ! Not my field ,but I’d guess it wasn’t  10 pounds of what they thought it was .

I wonder if they said “ hold my beer ! “
with that I’m off to buy ammo and primers .


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I saw that. Have to assume someone is going to be hung out to dry; people cannot be happy with the "we got it covered" mentality when in reality it was not covered at all. 

I bet that bang was impressive though, lol

EDIT* The roof of the containment vehicle....was found TWO BLOCKS AWAY!

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They blew up “ improvised devices “ 40 coke can sizes ones. Ok how do 40 of those weigh only ten pounds ? 

Perhaps add math questions to get on the “ bomb squad “ 

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