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Dog tracking training (deer) looking for advice


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I'm getting a pup later this week, Its a beagle and I'm thinking about getting into tracking with him. Does anyone have any advice or things i should get/read? right now I've been scouring though forums and YouTube videos. He will be named Koda and my plan would be to get licensed and help other hunters in NYS if all goes good. 

I had a dog as a kid, but this will be MY first dog. 



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What a great looking pup!! You’re in for a lot of fun!

 Crappyice nailed it with the book recommendation.  That is the tracking “bible” and goes into great detail on training, actually tracking, etc.

Here’s the best place to buy the book: https://www.born-to-track.com/book/order-info.htm

 I would also highly recommend you join UnitedBloodtrackers.org.  It’s $25 a year and is worth every penny.  The forum is jam packed with national expert trackers who love to share their knowledge and tracking stories.  You can join here: https://www.unitedbloodtrackers.org/account/membership-levels/

I don’t know if there are any trackers near you. If there are, I’d recommend contacting one and ask if he/she will mentor you. Unfortunately, there was nobody near me when I started and I had a larger learning curve. Feel free to contact me directly if/when you have questions.



Good luck…I’m sure a lot of people will be watching and supporting you and the pup!  


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I have been training my belgain malinois on and off the last couple years. I like to use a chunk of deer liver stuck on the end of a stick. Rub it on the ground every few steps. Start out doing maybe 75 yards with some curves and work your way up to longer distances with 90 degree bends, bigger gaps between points of scent, and let it sit longer before you bring the dog out. Leave the chunk at the end of the track so the dog gets a reward. This can also be done with deer blood you collect from a kill.

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I had a 1/2 blue tick/1/2 beagle hound for a number of years. When a pup, we made/bought drags (heavy canvas throw ) which we sprayed with rabbit scenting spray. I had the kid take the drag for a run through the woods, and with the dog initially on a lead, followed the scent. 

Early on, lots of scent, small circles. over time, make a point of skipping over logs, little streams, etc. so the scent is broken, then use less scent. Be sure you yourself are using rubber boots and are relatively clean so he doesnt get used to following your scent. There are numerous dog training web sites to find the stuff. Scents are available for most anything, but of course you could also use skins, etc. 

I used the same basic procedure on my Setter to start. Before you start worrying about scents though, make sure you get your basic discipline commands down....sit, stay, come, etc. Beagles are about as bull headed as you can get when they are on  a scent.  No matter what, no matter how po'd you are for his stubborness, failure to respond, what evern...DO NOT spank/disciplen the dog for not coming! You praise him heavily for obeying. Otherwise, he will simply learn that when he does come to you, wtf....he is getting disciplined anyway. 

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