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  1. At 76 years young I sure no longer can hunt all day and walk up the big hills. But I do what my body will allow and still love hunting. I let more deer walk than put a arrow into or a 308 cal bullet.
  2. MY thanks to all for the best wish on my operation. I am getting ready to go to the hospital today and the operation on Fridays.
  3. I am having a triple by pass operation on Friday. How soon will I be able to shoot and if you had the operation how long was the recovery ?
  4. Easton 400 spine arrow, out of Hoyt set up as 58 lbs and 29 inch draw...
  5. Maybe I should wait for first light to walk in.
  6. I got mine yesterday. But still have to buy my archery stamp, anyone know when I can buy that ??????
  7. I had my repair about 5 years ago, I am now 75 years young. I have the compound bow set up for 52 lbs, seems to shoot very well at that weight. I think with my muzzy BH's at 100 grains on my 400 size carbon arrows with 2 inch fletch should continue to go right thru a deer at under 30 yards...
  8. I quit smoking years ago, but I also when I did smoke would do it all the time when hunting and found deer sure did not seem to mind the smell of the smoke but what got they aware was my arm movement to get the pipe or butt to my mouth.
  9. shoot the bow all summer make some natural blinds do more scouting around the home area take the last week of bow off and hunt the Pharsalia game land near Norwich NY.
  10. What a sunny day to shoot the bow, pulled the bow out after lunch and dusted it off and shot 20 arrows at 25 yards. Most were close to the spot a 3 inch bull. I hope to be ready for some of the 3D shoots in late April.
  11. good luck with your new bow. what brand, lbs, set up peak weight....I hope you take many fine deer with it....
  12. I think that will be just great. I have several bows but find I do better with just shooting a PSE drive that seems to just want to put a arrow in the spot and or a deer heart. I also shoot the same arrow spine and weight for 3D and hunting 400 at 29.5 inch long.
  13. My thanks to all, but also can think back to a week in early Nov 5 on a weekend when I got in a 12 foot ladder tree stand and it started to rain and changed over to freezing rain. I could not for the life of me get out of the Alum ladder stand as the freezing rain was on all the ladder steps and when I would put a foot on to lower myself to the ground I would start to slide off. I was in the stand for several hours till it warmed up and changed back to all rain.
  14. At 75 years young I do look back at the hunts of the past and this is my number 1 hunt, not due to the size of the buck taken but for the year long planning. I first started seeing this buck in my back yard after the gun season. He would show up about 10 am and have a few bites from a old apple tree, then go and bed down on a down side of the hill. During the summer period I did not see much of any buck at all, but most nights I did have about 5 doe's show up at the back field to have a dinner of the fresh grass and small other brush. But once again in early September he started showing up at all times of the day. I made a field blind, that I could sit in all day, the wind as always blowing it seemed up the hill to me. I found a area were I could make a fake scrap, I used rubber gloves to handle the bucket, scrap peep lure and a small hand rake. Within two days I could see were he was also now using my fake scrap. I sat n the blind for another 3 days and did not see a buck at all. But the doe's sure came in at all times of the day. They would have a few bites and lay down. I got to the blind at about 6am and it was the first cold frost weekend in Oct, and god the wind was blowing and after just first light, I started have deer come thru, I had 3 does with a hour. My nose was running I felt cold all over and then looking down the hill here he came, I could see his breath from his nose, he seemed not to be mindfull at all. I had the bow across my Knees and when he went in back of a large tree I got the bow up and was ready to draw and release. I waited and he within my killing range of 25 yards and or less and I took the shot. He went only 12 yards and piled up. He was a 6 point buck. chest and neck was already in full rut.
  15. do not change the length of the season.
  16. I ware a orange camo hat and vest to be safe. I think it should be required for a minimum of you have to ware a orange hat.
  17. I heard only 4 shots all day and saw a total of 2 doe. We got 5 inches plus over night and it is 24 degrees and still snowing. With my COPD it means I will sit by the fire and wish all that go out good luck
  18. I will have my 308 cal 180 grain bullet . My rifle is a Remington 742 wood master rifle. It now over 20 + years in the woods for me . it is a semi auto that hold 4 in the clip and one in the barrel, Now being 75 years young, I have health issue COPD and will just be in the woods in back of the house, About 400 yards from the back door. good luck to all the hunters.
  19. I just go to a little different area on state land, and or walk in and do not stay near the road. I find during the bow season that never see other hunters but come gun it is a sea of orange. Car /' trucks riding the roads to look for deer. I hunt the town of North Pharsalia NY, it is ab out 13 miles west of Norwick NY, it has over 15 000 acres in the town...
  20. I am in 4O and the bucks are chasing the doe's. The doe's are still all together in groups. Maybe by this weekend some of the doe's will start to come in to heat...
  21. great looking dogs, just love hunting rabbits...use to raise and train begels. I have COPD so I had to let the dogs go and now just watch. Two guys were working 2 dogs yesterday off of Swart hollow road. I could hear the dogs running a rabbit. Sure sounded great.
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