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whats your opinion? couple grainy pics


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Its difficult to say, he looks to be 18-19" wide and from what I could see an 8 pt... I wouldn't venture a score being that I can't even verify he has 8 points let alone how his tine length is... Its a great buck though! I'd worry about the points and score after I pulled the trigger.

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Yea im really not sure why its so grainy, the cam usually takes some decent pics. but here he is in my reg. Camera zoomed in a bunch. he almost looks like a 9 or 10 but like most of you said its hard to tell and hes a shooter if he walks past me in a few days


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So I got this guy Friday morning, but the pictures are really grainy for some reason. Either way, just wonding what others think about points/score because the pics arnt so good and everyone i show has been pretty different.

thats a hog hope you see him during this season I zoomed in on the pic he had mass

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