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A few 2021 trail cam pics

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23 minutes ago, ny hunter said:

Yogi looks pretty big...

I thinks its a 3 year old bear ... last year he followed  me around the property while I was working food plots . Watched him all summer . 

Ears are still up on top instead of pushed to the side ... kind of leggy yet.  200 lbs 225  is my guess 

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1 hour ago, ny hunter said:

Who cares... Looks like a real nice bear...

It is a nice bear .. 

Just not shooting a small one . I will probably  only ever shoot one bear and I want it to be big .479a587f-d87a-4cc4-a424-4943062aaaf1_368835516570445(1).jpg.584c5e8d5ab91b2447e98b6f92d5ee37.jpg

Like this big ....

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The big mom's to be  have been off camera for 3 days I'm guessing they went off to have fawns . Wife loves the fawn pics . Every time there's a picture notification she asks if we have babies yet .

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On 5/20/2021 at 8:58 PM, E J said:

I got a couple of brutes on my camera this morning.  They have both been around my place on and off for a couple of years at least.



Now be kind enough to share the coordinates of this plot..lol

Those are nice and old both over4.5yrs 

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