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    I took the first week off and got skunked. I was home alone with the baby tonight. Had just thrown a back strap from last year's last doe in the oven when I saw four or five deer in the field. Snuck outside while daughter was playing in her room. Took up a nice position about 120 yds away and let the Savage 220 bark. She jumped about 4 feet in the air on impact, wobbled about 50 feet and piled up. No tag soup this year. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Tapatalk
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    Got out to the swamp at about 2pm today. About 20 minutes went by and i heard two faint grunts. Was waiting for the buck to show from my right...i looked to my left and two small does came out. Then i noticed a bigger head and bigger doe. 35 yards to the ithaca with remington sluggers did the job. She went a total of maybe 15 yards. Quartering to me i took out the left shoulder. 120# doe...ill take it everyday of the week!
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    Taken in Jamesville New York last week TJ Sheridan
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    Congrats..., but I gotta ask...... exactly how many deer do you really need to kill in one year? Don't take this the wrong way. I'd really like an honest answer. I know there's plenty of guys here that do the same. If you've got the tags then by all means knock yourself out. Just seems like a little bit of "overkill" to me when guys feel they "need" to fill every tag issued. I'll be honest here, I even get a bit annoyed when I hear guys killing in excess of their own needs just to donate the rest. If they were really feeling generous, they would sacrifice one of their own. JMO
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    I can't count the ones I've seen from the stand but certainly less than 25. I missed one by inches with the bow early in October, first and only one I have shot at with the bow. A number of years ago I had a pretty good morning In Lima NY while deer hunting. I shot a nice doe, gutted her and dragged her up to my side of the gully and climbed back up into the stand waiting on a buck. No buck showed but two 'yotes did in the next half hour........all with the T/C muzzleloader.
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    My Birthday Buck, first day of a 26 day hunt. I think I jumped him earlier in the day. Called in with a doe bleet and grunt tube. After using the can I heard a grunt 30 minutes later and responded with a grunt. Twenty minutes of him making rubs just below me (I wondered what that noise was?) he came into view for a perfect broad side shot. Felt like a gift from heaven above, my 3rd Buck out of Moose River and the highlight of my ADK hunting adventures. What a Birthday gift!!!
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    Doe i took this afternoon around 3pm. 120#
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    Ok where to start. There are basically two types of people who shoot deer. 1. Those who willing knowingly break the law and have no regard for anyone else (poachers etc) Will they care of their license is pulled? Not at all. If they have no regard for the law why would they for that. Chances are if they even have a license, the tags have been used several times. This is the same as a felony convicted dwi alcoholic cares if they have a license. Both will continue their current behavior until it is no longer possible or they kill someone. Then maybe they will be put away where society is safe from them. i look at this person as every time they poach a deer, they are stealing one from you and I. 2 A hunter The person who hunts legally and ethically. Unfortunately they have a grey area in between them. When a person gets caught doing the ethically right thing which may cross a legal boundary, I could not begin to tell you how many go back to hunting and how many hunt anyway. The text book definition from NY state hunter ed for ethical is doing the right thing even if you knew you would not get caught doing the wrong thing. I realize you are trying to draw me into a discussion about the validity of revoking someones privileges and how ineffective it is. My stance if a person is a law abiding citizen, they will follow the law. If they become hardened to the system and hunt anyway, they never were that ethical or legal in the first place. This is like the old put a guy in prison he becomes a criminal. Personally in all the dec tickets I handled over the years, I only revoked one guys privileges. Shooting after hours with the aid of a light loaded gun in the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, shooting across a highway,as well as possession of an untagged doe where there were no dmp's. I am just glad no one was shot when he shot from the drivers side of the vehicle out the passenger window with a passenger with him. This was his 4th violation in 6 years. Did I stop him from doing what he was doing? I doubt it. Well I did for the 6 months he spent in jail. I have not heard about him since. I think he left the area.
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    Only had one poop blow out so far but it wasn't bad. Just a small amount. Have been sprayed though but it was my fault. I forgot 2 of the rules of diaper changing gun safety. 1. Treat all babies as if they're loaded. 2. Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times.
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    Here is a bear my buddy got on opening day. After being dressed out and sitting overnight it weighed 350. Taxiderist said it was the biggest skull he has seen and suggested getting it measured.
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    My parents just braved the storm to get up here for from PA for thanksgiving. My grandad had mounted my archery buck for me and gave it to my folks to bring up. He does all the families except for the few shoulder mounts. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally the stubbornness pays off. Filled a doe tag. Still leaning toward crazy though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk - now Free
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    This story starts a few days before I left for the family camp in the Adirondacks. I was planning on heading up there for the last few days of New York’s northern zone season as I have for several years now. For some reason I had this odd, strong feeling about November 28, 2012 being “The Day”. I told my Dad and my girlfriend Bonnie separately that if I was going to get a buck that this was going to be when. This day would be my late Granddad’s birthday and the 10th anniversary of my first buck kill. I was a senior in college that year and in addition to being Granddad’s birthday it was also Thanksgiving. My brother Owen and I pulled into my Grandparent’s driveway in our hunting clothes with a dead buck to show off when we should have already been there visiting with family and preparing to feast. Of course everyone wanted to see the deer and hear the story. As I replayed the events to a mixed audience of farmers and city dwelling cousins I was cut off by Granddad in midsentence after I said I had “harvested” the buck, a term I used in an attempt to soften the details for less tempered relatives. Granddad exclaimed, “You didn’t harvest him, you killed him and don’t say it any other way!” I didn’t know it at the time but that would be Granddad’s last birthday. I’ll never forget that moment or that day. Hunting the rut in the Adirondacks would seem logical but if there isn’t snow in those big woods it can be difficult to locate deer, which is why I prefer the end of the season when it is more probable that there would be tracking snow on the ground. This year the conditions were perfect- three inches of snow on the ground and light snow showers every day with temperatures staying slightly below freezing. I started out at daybreak on the 1st day by driving thirty or so miles around the park and on various logging roads in search of a large buck track crossing the road, a track I never found. I ended up back near the main camp area and headed off on the trail to Salmon Lake as there had been a fair amount of deer activity seen in that direction a week or so before. I cut some deer tracks a ¾ mile down the trail and followed them in the general direction of North Pond. As the tracks appeared to belong to a couple does and fawns, I left them and followed the outlet to the Flowgrounds. From there I hunted up a hill off the north shore of the pond where I found a couple of snowed in scrapes and plenty of feeding activity. I soon spotted a doe and fawn towards the top of the hill but they had also spotted me and soon bounded away. I noticed the top of the hill appeared to be fairly open and looked like a potential buck bedding area. I was excited to find two big beds on an overlook; one was a day old with snow in it and the other was fresh with a nice-sized track which quickened my pulse. I followed the track down off the hill perpendicularly to the way I came up and noticed where the buck had fed on ferns, bedded very recently, and even saw where his antler tips stuck into the snow as he fed. Now I knew I was on a decent buck and the track was very fresh. As I followed the track it then traveled in the general direction of where I had encountered the doe and fawn. Suddenly the buck had stopped and then bounded away and down the hill to the northwest. I had been close, but not close enough. Without snow I never would have known about him at all. How often does this happen when there isn’t any snow to tell the tale and the hunter never knows? Not having to ponder the answer to this question I took off on his trail. Just because I had jumped him didn’t mean that the jig was up. I followed him for 3 hours and several miles. I lost count of how many times I almost caught up with him and he ran again, but each time he would bound a little less before returning to a brisk walk. I was unsure whether he was physically tiring or he was starting to wonder what was really following him with nothing really bad happening… yet. Several times he crossed other deer tracks and even my own as he attempted to shake his pursuer, but with every step he left a telltale trail that this predator knew he was at the end of. At one point he stuck his nose deep in the snow where a doe had urinated; apparently the urge to breed was slightly stronger than the urge to survive. I wish I could say that at the end the day there laid a majestic buck in a picturesque setting unaware of the doom taking aim at his vitals, but at 4:30pm I reluctantly left his track and beat feet from a point near the Salmon Lake Boathouse over the two miles of trail back to my truck. My GPS read 8.6 miles for the day’s wandering. Throughout the pursuit I innately knew it wasn’t going to happen that day and for some reason tomorrow, the 28th of November was The Day. The second day dawned with high hopes and optimism. Conditions were again great with another light dusting of snow that continued through late morning and I of course had that feeling. Because I had been on what seemed to be a pretty nice buck the day before I decided to get right back on his track and see if I could finish what I had started. I picked up where I left off and soon lost his track after he got into a group of does and fawns feeding. With a dusting of snow over everything it was impossible to figure out which tracks were his. As I write this I am kicking myself for not making wide circles around the top of the hill and the feeding activity to find where he had walked out, but then I would have a different story to tell. One of the caretakers had suggested checking out the Fly Ponds area as he had seen a lot of deer activity in that general vicinity the previous year at the same point in the season. This seemed like a good idea and because I had never been there before that’s where I headed. The last major bit of deer sign I saw was right by the road where I parked even though I went to the Fly Ponds, headed west towards Salmon Lake, got tangled up in a nasty blow down area, looped back towards the low area between Pilgrim Pond Mountain and East Pond Mountain, crossed beaver dams, and closed my eyes and rammed through dense spruce thickets. Sure I saw a few tracks from does and fawns, but no major feeding activity, and more importantly, no big buck tracks that begged me to follow. I’ll admit, at 3:30 pm, when I was on the back side of East Pond Mountain and I hadn’t seen any deer tracks in the last couple of miles my inner “feeling” began to waver. I noticed a marker nailed to a tree indicating a trail that a cousin had cut over the peak of the mountain and down to the main trail that led to my truck on the other side. I had heard about this mountain trail but never actually been on it. Because it was a shorter route back to the main trail although steeper, I decided to give it a try. That was a mistake, but looking back, every step I took that day played a very important role in my timing. As I chugged up the mountainside I felt as though I had wasted a great day of ideal tracking conditions without actually following a track. There was always tomorrow, but what happened to today being The Day? About two thirds of the way up there were suddenly 3 does standing in an opening above me at about 40 yards. I raised my gun and searched desperately for a buck that wasn’t there. They ultimately spooked, taking a fourth, previously unseen doe with them. Exciting, but not what I was looking for. As I caught my breath at the top and peered over the edge at the rest of the trail disappearing below me I questioned my decision to go over the top instead of around but it was too late to turn back. Were there any deer tracks on that side of the mountain? I have no idea. I spent more time slipping, sliding, and getting grabbed by snags while trying to survive my ride to the bottom than I care to endure again. I can’t tell you what the purpose of that trail is but I know it’s not for hunting. At least now I was on fairly level ground and I could ease my way back towards the truck. Although the day was almost over I do remember thinking it wasn’t quite over yet and because I had long ago been taught to be attentive and looking for deer as long as I could still legally hunt, I carefully eased my way along the shoulder of the mountain in the direction of my truck. As I crested the saddle between East Pond Mountain and Bread Loaf, my eyes caught a horizontal shape that quickly turned into a deer 50 yards off to my right in a low area that drained towards East Pond. I froze and unaware of my presence, the deer raised its head to chew on some ferns it had dug from the snow. That’s when I saw a thick antler beam that rose up off the deer’s head. I saw all I needed to convince me that this buck was more than a few years old I quickly raised my rifle and fired. Although the shot was fatal I fired once more which dropped him immediately. It happened so quickly that the adrenaline didn’t start to hit me until I was halfway to the fallen buck, the whole time thinking, “I can’t believe it really happened- today!” What I saw when I reached had me struggling to think clearly; the antlers on this deer were absolutely gargantuan. The mass is indescribable. I admit I have not been known to be a spiritual person, but I immediately looked up at the tree tops and sky above and said, “Thank you Granddad.” After that I can’t remember what I babbled but I know I stomped around that deer just looking at the obscenely thick antlers in disbelief. I looked at my GPS, it was 4:22 pm, and I’d covered 11.1 miles at that point. For such a magnificent buck to cross paths with me at nearly the last legal minute, on Granddad’s birthday, exactly ten years to the day after I’d killed my 1st buck, and on a day that I somehow knew several days in advance was The Day is eerie. Coincidence? Anyone who knows me knows that I am more than a little superstitious when it comes to hunting. For example; I shaved off my big buck beard as soon as I got home (can’t shave from the beginning of the season until you get a buck or the season ends- I am not the only hunter that believes in this, and it may seem silly but you won’t convince me otherwise). For me to tell my Dad and girlfriend ahead of time about “The Day” was way out of character because it would ensure failure and I would jinx myself. The following morning I took a lot of pictures trying to capture the sheer massiveness of the buck. I have realized that a person really needs to try to wrap their fingers around the beams to appreciate how much bone there is. With bases of nearly 6” and H2s over 5”, the thickness of the antlers actually make the whole rack look smaller than it is when seen from a distance or in a photo. For example: I assumed the main beams were around 22” and the inside spread was about 16”, but was shocked to tape the inside spread at 18” and both main beams at 26”. What I assumed was a really heavy 135” 8 point turned out to be a high 140s (I rough scored it at 149) 8 point, which is remarkable considering G3s that are only 3 + 4”. Luck is the number one ingredient in deer hunting and I am extremely lucky to have as much of it as I’ve had, but on November 28, 2012, not only did I have a lot of luck, I had Granddad.
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    Greetings everyone. Looking forward to posting and reading some good posts here on the forum. I hunt in Cayuga county finger lakes. I am cleaning the rust off my hunting skills after moving out of the area for longer than I should have. I came back to snow geese everywhere, rifles allowed, and anti hunting neighbor(s), and just about nowhere to hunt anymore. (I am looking for land in the area if anyone on here knows any) Last year was my first deer hunt in some time and I managed to knock down a doe that tasted great. I hunt mostly with my trusty Browning BPS 12 gauge. It usually shoots straight, though now and again I think some voodoo curse bends the barrel slightly at the wrong time and nothing falls from the sky. Doesnt happen often. I upgraded from my old Browning bow to a sweeetttt PSE Stinger this fall. WOW. Its like night and day. I had a few shots, deer made me each time. Sucks... Picked up a savage 30-06 and am carrying that these days. Browning sits for bird hunting and days where my scope gets wet. Last year my wife expressed interest in hunting with me!! Got her a nice pink youth PSE and a 20 gauge 11-87 autoloader. We had a spare 308 around and she carried that opening weekend and nailed a doe at about 175 yards. First shot at her first deer. Good stuff.
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    Hello everyone! I'm a minority in here, I'm sure. I say that because I am female. I love hunting just as much (if not more) than many of you. I have been bow hunting for 18 years now and to date have harvested with my archery equipment over 30 whitetails, 2 coyotes, 1 bear, several turkeys, squirrels, grouse, rabbits and woodchucks. In addition to hunting I also compete with my bow and am proud to say that I am a 2 time I.B.O. National Triple Crown champion. Last year I spent over 140 hours in a tree stand trying to get one particular buck with my bow. I seen him 3 times but was unable to connect with him. Fortunately, I shot him on the 5th day of the rifle season. He was a 10 point and scored 142. He was the biggest buck I have ever shot! I've included a picture of him. I'm excited to be a part of this forum and look forward to reading about other's successes. I hope that someday soon I can add my own success story for this season!
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    I've seen what women carry in a small purse. I can only imagine what they got in a backpack
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    I understand that. I'm by no means new to this hunting stuff and what my purpose is out there. I'm struggling with typing this in my most civil tone possible, so if anyone takes offence, it's either unintentional or you have a guilty conscence for some reason,lol For one guy to take 6 antlerless deer this year, kinda puts him at least 12 deer behind the 8 ball heading into next year already. If you take a look around the site, there's no shortage of posts here about decreased deer #'s.., and fewer than usual sightings..., and it's so quiet out there this season. Heck Meat Manager himself has been involved in many of those posts. What do you expect we're gonna be reading about the same time next season if we kill every deer that shows us it's vitals. That's just not good sound management no matter if you're a meat hunter, a trophy hunter, or even one of those guys in between who supports AR's and has big dreams! I'm no biologist, but lets get real here people. If your not seeing the deer on your property like you used to, you might do good to give a few of them a pass to replenish what you've already taken instead of starting in a hole for 2014. All the food plots and land management you can come up with in the off season wont make a shit bit of difference if you don't have any deer left to benefit from it. We've also seen the quite a few topics about how DEC issues more antlerless tags in certain areas than they should. Some will say this is due to their innaccurate method of calculating deer populations over smaller areas instead of a broader assumption over a WMU. You guys that are out there every day know what's going on in your particular woods better than anyone else and need to recognise and adjust your harvest goals accordingly.... not just shoot 'em up because you can. As always JMO!
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    At what point does a person feel they killed enough deer for one season? I don't think there was anything wrong with Wooly's question, and in fact find myself wondering the same thing. I doubt like heck anyone on this site would rather see a deer on anybody's windshield, and see that comment more as a knee jerk, emotional response to an honest, poignant question. By the same token I don't think it requires a list of explanations or excuses about why someone kills a pile of deer if it is done legally. To answer Wooly's question though I think is really pretty simple. It's a very personal thing we all need to ask ourselves, and to know when the little voice in our head (conscience) tells us enough is enough, it's time to stop for the year.
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    Biz...why do u have to play DEP? Congrats on a great first deer...biz has been hunting for years payin thousands and still cant shoot one that big, no wonder why he is jealous!!
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    They are trying to clean up their internet image as it must be taking a toll on the money coming in. I have viewed the craiglist adds and people have been posting responses on there that are very damaging. Some people get deer at the club but most don't go very often and that is the member they love. Some members get special spots and the rest get screwed. Pictures are taken from anyplace and are mostly of deer shot in other places. As for the small game and bird hunting it is a preserve run by the son and if you don't pay him to guide you, you are on the outs and can forget weekends. It could be a good club if it were about hunting but its about money for Bob and east end living for his family. The defenders of the club come out this time every year as the push for shotgun hunters starts. That's a big money maker for them, only one month a year for a nice fee and a lot of those guys are not as intense as bowhunters and they like guys that are not that into it. The problem is that everyone now does internet searches and the real word is out. This thread has been here a long time and Bob would do anything to get it removed. This is another attempt at that. Keep up the good work Geno.
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    My daughter guilted me into coaching her church basketball team this season."you never coach me...only my brothers!" Ok I'll coach. Day before her first practice, she separates her growth plate in her ankle and has been on crutches since...I on the other hand have been coaching 4th grade girls basketball as my daughter sits and watches or stays home on the couch where I want to be! Wwwwhhhaaaaaaaaa!
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    holy crap, where are all you one post wonders coming from?! lol i can sling a line of BS? im not anywhere near good as your buddy bob. and bob was the first to drag your deer??? what are you sick? facts are facts Rudy, no BS here... BS is charging someone 1500 to hunt land that doesn't even belong to club , have an array of people come in an ruin your hunt everyday, guys baiting everywhere, tree stands popping up 15 yards from your. C'mon, there was NO ORDER when i was there and from the members who left there with me who were there for 10 years or so say they put up with it since day one. do me a favor... your buddy bob has an issue with whats said about him and his club tell him to drop me a buzz and man up, otherwise i can give two craps what people say about that place. im a big boy and if he was organized he would know how to get in touch with me since i filled out the paper work and wasted $1500, so he would know how to contact me. otherwise, save it... you boys have issues, are you really telling me he lets you stay at the club house? i call BS, i specifically asked him if i could stay there to save me the 40 min drive there more then once and he told me NO, they dont do that there and when i replied i was told by him i could upon signing up he ran circles around what i said, i never pushed the fact. let it go and tell your buddy this thread will be here and is NOT going anywhere. he should have made right once upon a time with the many people who lined his pockets and only asked to get in return what we paid for. thats it... i honestly DO NOT care how things are over there nor do i care about that club in general. i liked bob, i did until i saw he was BS'ing me from the start and basically took my money and offered NOTHING what was told to me when i signed the papers. and dont make it sound like its us, i spoke with Bob on the phone after i left and he tried to get me to stay and he offered me to help him run that club they way it should be ran and said i can run it how i see fit, i declined and kept living my life. now i see many 120-130" plus deer a year and dont have anyone ruining my hunts. tell him i said good luck with the club, i hope he does the right thing.
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    It's not babysitting. It's parenting. I had to wait for my mom to get here to go get the deer because my wife works til 9 on Mondays and Tuesdays. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I537 using Tapatalk
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    Here is mine, people shoot small bucks and fawns, Then whine that they do not see big bucks. Let the fireworks commence!!
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    My 6 month old had 5AM blowouts two days in a row requiring a full bath and nightmare cleanup. Why can't these diapers do their job.
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    I managed to fill my regular season buck tag today with a nice 6'er! I wasn't even going to go out because of the weather and no sightings lately. I froze my butt off for 4hrs before this fella came running in from behind me right around noon. When I stood up to grab my smokepole my treestand let out a God awefull groan and he ran away from me. Unfortunately for him, he didn't run far enough before he stopped, and I dropped 'em in his tracks! Not to toot my own horn... but I don't miss with this gun! As I was gutting him, I had 4 antlerless stroll by me at 20yds, and on my way dragging him out I bumped into 4 more antlerless on the trail home. I can still go out for late ML season but only got the antlerless tag so I'll see how cold it is,lol Looks like shed season will come early again this year!
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    Nailed a 5 point tonight at 220 yards
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    Hi everyone, after not seeing a deer at all this season I finally got my chance. I was in the stand and I was told to meet my uncle back at the car at 5:05 and just at dark (still had a little light left) this guy showed up. The picture isn't the best but it was 22 degrees and we had been out all day also not sure why it made me look so odd lol one shot through the heart at 150 yards with my uncles .270 (appropriately named the deer slayer)
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    Why can't we be an Illinois or iowa? Western ny has a very large qdma chapter and harvest large bucks. It has to do with nutrition but the largest Factor in harvesting big deer is letting them age. I'm all for meat hunters. Guess what. .bigger bucks have more meat. Voluntary ARs won't work because you have too many brown its down hunters. If you are in a hunting lease with others or state land you need 100% participation. You won't get it most the time. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk 2
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    A few years ago I ordered my Hoyt. While he was setting up my new bow the shop owner said, "have you tried one of these? I just got them in." I drew it and knew I had bought the wrong bow. My next bow after I get my kids outfitted will be an Elite.
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    It is actually illegal to drive on the leftmost lane on most interstate highways, reserved for passing only. Wish cops enforced this more. The more they let this kind of behavior slide, the more of a culture this style of driving will become and it'll only get worse. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    what about the ones who get on a hwy or pkwy or expswy and do minimum speed limit? that drives me nuts! speedlimit 55, the guy does 45... thats a good way to get people killed when people are flying by at 65mph+ (so dangerous) if you cant keep up with traffic get off the hwy. some people are dead afraid of hwys and so on. they actually look petrified lol, scary stuff
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    4 is usually good enough for me for the year...this year my grandfather has cancer and isn't able to hunt much and he uses 2 or 3 a year easy. Not too mention I like to break off a piece to my farmer and neighbors who let me hunt their properties. Beyond that I hunt my ass off and pay for the tags...not too mention how many guys buy doe tags with very little intention to fill them. I also give away meat as I get it, so that is my meat and I have to hunt more to get and give more...I don't stock 4 up and then start hunting for pop, he had half of my 2 nd deer. I feel like some of you guys would rather see does on windshields than legally taken and in a freezer. Only 17% of dmp's get filled...Im a meat hunter and a herd manager under the regulations of wherever I am hunting. I also dont shoot yearling bucks...No apologies here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    If you like me are a "shoulder shooter" then I would not change a thing. I do not like tracking gun shot deer. As for the meat damage you will get a lot more meat out of a shoulder shot dead deer than a deer that is never found.
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    Food cooked for you always tastes better than food you cook yourself. I think it is the cocktails you consume waiting for the food opposed to standing in the kitchen cooking...lol
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    Hi guys just wanted to share some pics of 10 point doe in velvet that i shot on 11/17/13
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    Maybe Bob's son is making these posts. Its amazing all the propaganda from the 1 post supporters. Geno maybe you can help the person that claims they forgot there info to get back on their original name!!
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    Thank god this thread did not get flushed yet... My favorite dumping euphemism: Just dropping the Cosby kids off at the pool!
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    If you look it says Obama, not Bama.
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    Some of you will remember this pic. from last year of a buck I called Big Boy... Well, he ran out of luck today @ 6.5 years old... Yours truly holding a true Steuben County legend...
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    Congrats! And with your own kids its never babysitting!
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    Not going down that road again
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    Awesome placement! Great combo of features.
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    The best venison comes from the deer you harvested.
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    Hint: Deer are much easier than women!
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    Nailed a big doe this am,308 about 50 yards.She ran 30 and piled up.Took out her heart and one lung.
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    Bubba, Thanks for your input that was very well said. I hunt with a small group of 5 people. Maybe as the landowner I will take it upon myself to implement a refresher for all who gun hunt my property. 10 minutes to go over rules at camp and gun safety procedures. I think I will even go a bit further and print up the list and display it on the back door of the cabin. John your right people who took the course years ago need some refresher. Lets face it there are some who take the gun or bow out once a year. They are not familiar with their equipment nor the woods they hunt in. I will never forget this as a kid of 16. I was invited by my friend to hunt opening day with his father and friends. Night before we are all sitting around and one man is talking about shooting everything that moves. The bush moves I shoot and look later. I was actually frighten by his words. The next morning I faked a stomach ache and headed out when it was light, also in the complete other direction of that man. Hey I'm sure guys out there have some basic rules at camp. I would love to hear the ones that are beyond the basics that you use. Just a thought maybe we can agree on a list and publish it as its own thread to be shared by all. If it saves one accident from happening it would be worth it.
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    Compliance would be 100% if you didn't get a new licence without reporting outcome of all past ones.
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