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  1. if you read Bryce Towsley's gunsmithing modern firearms book he explains that there is a o-ring that fits in the grove of the action tube , the o-ring is missing on many of the older guns. Its a easy fix and worked on mine. I own several " high end guns" and when i still hunt my 760 is in my arms.
  2. The leaves and bark of the tree in question is text book hack berry.
  3. looks like a hackberry if it has cherry like fruit on it that's what it is.
  4. maddie

    Large cubby

    very nice! the turkey picture in the snow is worth framing.
  5. bobcat and fishers will kill them all!
  6. what is that thing i've never seen a channel cat that black and if its a black bullhead the record is 7and change
  7. THe best middle weight ever, he had no reverse. RIP
  8. here's the place you want, west mountain kennels at pawling mountain club . contact edward larkin 845-855-3859 .my lab went through 2 training schools there and have boarded her multiple times with good results.
  9. maddie


    my ruger 22-250 loves varget and 50 grain v-max
  10. for god so loved the world he gave his only son. we all need more god and mercy in our lives!
  11. Chef i see were neighbors would like to get together over a beverage and one of those cigars. I'm in yorktown heights
  12. Something she can be proud of the rest of her life, and that will carry her into a bright future.My grandkids are so smart its scary, i often wonder how i made it this far.
  13. maddie


    x2 a member from deer search said it best # of calls for verticle bows 2-3 a week # of calls for xbow 30-40 per week
  14. rob i read your post and it was so beautiful and true ,i hope your dad and my wife are catching trout in some beautiful stream.
  15. I lost my best fishing buddy 3/9/18 at least god let me have her for 38 years . I wanted so much to be out there with her today watching her cast her fly rod . Will the hurt ever go away?
  16. Rob didn't mean to highjack your tread i guess i was just feeling sorry for myself. I too had an old timer who let me hunt behind his hse. shot about 20 deer there with the bow , always serviced his boiler + a/c .Learned after i got the first one to not tell him until i had it dragged to his hse. got the first one took my bow and pack back to the hse. and told him about it ,the guy went nuts with excitment and wanted to drag it out by himself @79 yrs young .
  17. lost my wife of 45years last friday,life will never be the same for me.
  18. you might want to reconsider eliminating striped maple as it is the preferred food source when your plots are buried with 2ft. of snow
  19. 4 inches min in 3s and still snowing
  20. Thank god i live and hunt in westchester 3s no xguns ever
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