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2013 Hunting NY Spring Turkey Classic

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The 2013 spring turkey season is almost upon us, and we are having our second annual turkey hunting contest, The HuntingNY 2013 Spring Turkey Classic! This year will be an individual contest, but with similar rules to last year. You can sign up for the contest by replying to this thread, sign up starts now and will end at Midnight on April 20, 2013. In the Contest section, each hunter will get their own thread. Entries should be posted in the 2013 Spring Turkey Classic section under your thread. Contest entries must be submitted by Midnight on June 3, 2013.

Contest Rules

-The Bird must be taken in NY during the 2013 spring turkey season (May 1 - May 31)

-2013 Youth turkey season kills are NOT eligible

-There must be photos of the bird(s) included in the post(s), they must clearly show the beard and spur length measured with a ruler, this year's turkey tag attached to the bird as well as a contest card (details below)

-Entries will be submitted by each hunter

-Each hunter can submit 2 bearded birds

Scoring system

-Each bird will earn 10 points

-Beard length will be rounded to nearest inch and will earn 1 point per inch

-If bird is double bearded, only longest beard will count

-Spurs will be rounded to nearest quarter inch and will earn 1 point per quarter inch

-Total score of each hunter will be added up at the end of the contest, highest total score wins

Contest Card

We will provide a contest card file for each hunter, which has to be printed and filled out upon harvesting of the bird. The card will show hunter name, date and location of kill and website logo. The card must be clearly visible in at least 1 photo of bird or that entry will NOT count.


1st place prize will be a Bass Pro Shops $50 gift card, Drury Outdoors Longbeard Madness 16 and 17 DVDs, and a Schrade 9" folding knife, engraved with a turkey scene


2nd place will be a Bass Pro Shops $25 gift card, and a Marbles 10" fixed blade knife with antler handle


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