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Please say a prayer for a good friend and hunter!

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He fell off a ladder at 91 years old. Top guy at camp and stayed out all day long opening day. I l,ove him as well as his family that live next to me. Poke enjoy hunting in heaven! on the left!


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Wake is in Maryland. Waiting for details. One hell of a guy. 91 still getting it done running his backhoe. Nicest guy you ever would meet. There was a gun raffle in Canisteo a few weeks ago. He was going to be there but could not get a ride up. Boy I wish he made that. The whole family was there. He would hunt his property opening day through Wednesday. On his last day he would come over to my place and hunt my honey hole. Don't you know more than not he would shoot a buck on that day. Just got home from work. Going to jump on the tractor and mow my fields and think about him. oh one last story......he lost three fingers when he was a kid to a plater. Got stuck in the gears. He did fine without them. He actually joined the Navy but kicked him out when they found out he had only three fingers on one hand. RIP my friend!

Thank you guys! 

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Was at the wake today. A lot of very old hunters there but a few new young ones among the crowd. We have to keep this pastime going. Too many wonderful, great, funny stories shared about hunting camp today! Thank you all!

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