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Forum Upgrade Feedback Thread - Please comment

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Forum Upgrade Feedback Thread - Please comment Still working on all of the colors / themes etc, and there are a lot of background tasks still running for the upgrade.  Search might be slow / not

Probably a bug that should work its way out in the next few days. Gotta give Burm a ton of credit for trying to make the site even better upgrading the systems. I'm sure he has plenty to do at his rea

I finally figure out how to filter topics and jump to last unread posts.  All is now peaceful in the land of Elmo.

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I was just viewing a recent thread and noticed a replay by Deadhunter25 with MY avatar pic. After going to his page, I also noticed LAST VISITED indicated I view his page 33 minutes ago, which did not happen.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 2.33.45 PM.png

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The multi quote system is off. Not sure what the problem is, but if you start a reply, and don't post it, when you go back and try to use the multi quote function it does't create the quotes, or it only creates one sometimes.

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Must not see how to fix it, but the browsing of topics is cumbersome. Why isn't there an option (or am I not seeing it?) to browse new topics and see ALL. When you do that, it omits anything you've read or posted to. When you use the Activity option,  it show every single post to every thread, not just the main topics titles. Sorry John, but the old way was better for browsing topics that have activity on them.

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Currently with Tapatalk, after I'll read several threads in Tapatalk but after I refresh, most of the threads I've read will reappear as if I had not read them. Not sure if it's an issue with Tapatalk or with the forum but it has coincided with when the upgrade occurred.

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On 7/25/2016 at 1:39 PM, burmjohn said:


Fixed I think?

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Yup. Thanks Burmjohn . No double posts, pics load , Tapatalk seems fine. And thanks Fasteddie for deleting all the multiple posts the last few days. You've been busy , have a beer on me. 

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