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    Scout, scout, scout! You must find the route they're traveling, when they're traveling it, and why. Whether it be food, safety, avoiding the heat, or bedding. Early season can be the easiest time to pattern deer if you put the time and effort into it. The worst thing you could do is to just jump in the swamp and hope they don't know you're there. Bow season is long, take your time!
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    I have no doubt...but why you would admit it is beyond me
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    Sounds like you got a first class A-hole for a neighbor. If that portion of your property butts up to his, I wouldn't mow it for the rest of the summer. Let him live with it. A few years back I had a falling out with one of my neighbors. Before the falling out he use to mow a 3 ft. strip of my lawn that was on the outside of my fence and meets his property. It took him one pass with his zero turn mower. After we had our little dust up, he stopped mowing the strip. So did I and it drives him nuts!!! He is totally O.C.D. and I see him, on occasion just starring at that long patch of grass that butts up to his perfect lawn. Its great. Matter of fact just the other day, I saw him standing in his yard talking with another neighbor and pointing to the patch of grass, which is about 10" long right now LOL!! Did I mention its great !!!
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    The numbers on the back tag are also specific to the hunter and the same every year. So if some one really wants be tricky when breaking laws, borrow your buddies back tag.
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    When I've caught trespassers All I had to do was tell them to turn around so I cold get their info..those went to court and were fined...ones that didn't happen with the ECO said ...could find....talked to no proof... Whats the big deal about having to wear a back tag...unless the ECO tend to be A_holes about them. Lets see living out in the boonies and I see someone sneaking around our place with a gun in hand...They are in less danger if I see a back tag or not? I'll let you decide which.... PS...here's a deal ...get rid of the tags and implement mandatory orange...That way ppl know the person wondering around with a gun is a hunter and not a bad guy Well not that trespassers aren't bad guys
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    My guess is that you would be just as happy eliminating all "special seasons" and simply have an "all-weapon" deer season. I may not agree with that thought, but I do respect it as being honest and consistent.
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    Bill, didn't you keep your bow-press from the time when you ran the shop? You didn't get rid of all your stuff did you? As you know, there is a big difference between the level of accuracy that you need for hunting vs. what is needed for competition. I know when I was into competition, I needed the smallest peep that I could use without interfering with my vision. That was a big thing then and made a significant difference in my scores. I know that back then I would never have used a 1/4" peep. However, today my only concerns (theoretically....lol) is having enough accuracy for hunting distances and adequate vision in low-light conditions. So I have a 5/32" hole in the peep. That seems to work well for visibility and accuracy for hunting purposes.
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    That kinda proves my point just how many folks don't pay much attention to little details like what color their tags are before they stick a phony on their back. 2010-11 I believe was yellow.. 2011-12 was tan.. 2012-13 was green... Your guess is as good as mine as to what color they will be for 2013-14....but if the one you've been using all these years has been good to ya, no sence messing with it now,lol.
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    I often wear it even tho i hunt the NZ
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    Waaay back when I took my hunting class they suggested that you not keep your tags in the back tag holder because it was more likely that you'd lose them all that way. Don't remember anyone saying that it was any sort of regulation though.
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    I don't think it exists.....
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    Their is a bill introduced as of April 1, 2013 for the elimination of wearing back tags in NY. Bill # A6466-2013 AND S90-2013 which was refered to Environmental Conservation at that time. Not sure where the bill is right now.
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    Guess I was the slowest on the draw.
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    A Crossbow isn't a gun or a bow. Its a CROSS between them both. Figuring out which season you should be able to hunt with it is the big question. Gun?...Bow?...Muzzleloader?....I don't know
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    Reminds me of an old joke...How is a fat girl like a moped ? They're both fun to ride, but you wouldn't want your friends to know you're DOING it...<<grin>>...
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    I fall in here with WNY. But if anyone gets the chance, the author of the article gives a nice power point presentation to groups that is worth taking the time to watch. He was a long time respected biologist for DEC and did some very interesting projects over a long career. Also happens to be an avid hunter and overall nice guy who is very generous of his time to many groups in the Hudson Valley.
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    That must have been funny. A guy driving back and forth yelling f u is always funny, especially when he's on a mower.
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    Great post Covert and a pretty close description of my take on it.
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    Personally it doesn't bother me, because those people most likely have no business using a vertical bow anyway. Most of that type are probably not putting in the practice that someone who bowhunts because they like to bowhunt is. I shot instinctive with a recurve for years but didn't hold anything against the 80% letoff/lighted fiber optic sight guys for having their mechanical advantages. I know this will probably come across wrong, but I'm not pro-crossbow because I particularly care about the handicapped anyway. That seems to be the most common reason people give, but I am for crossbows in archery because I feel that they are archery tackle and as long as the other guy stays on his side of the fence, I don't care what kind of archery tackle he uses. Doesn't impact me in the least.
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    In response to the bold statement, where do you get this insinuation from? Where are the compounds going to go? That kind of thing sounds like a sky is falling type reaction, dont you think? Same argument when compounds were allowed, and the sky never fell.
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    Looks like I'll be sitting in a tree , while you'll be on the internet.......better luck next year.
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    Relax Doc, You have 7 rounds to protect yourself and your family!!!!!
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    And it's about time!
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    I bet you could make a nice trail cam book using their services. Could you imagine some of Wooly's photos in there, that would be nice too!