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Live From the Stand 2012


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Your better than I...wind is blowing icy snow...I'll wait a bit before going out...with the ground covered in snow and the wind blowing W/N they would have either seen or smelled me no matter which way I went in...choose not to push them off to guys around me...will do a binocular slow stalk in in a little bit...set up in a low spot out of the wind...they should be traveling through when going to feed

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37 degrees with light nw winds. No deer yet this morning.

When it's slow my mind starts to wander.

Bacon and eggs, coffee and bagels with cream cheese, hmmm.

I'm thinking venison sausage and sunny side egg hoagie...

1 already in the freezer helps me stay relaxed in the stand on the slow days that is for sure.

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Perfect conditions/snow/cold and pefrect time/ pre rut/ chase....but only one scrubby 1.5 all morning....wth. the ole' man just text me he stuck a doe..... at least hes gettin it done this season!!! Going to drop the chevy off to get new tires then back at it.. at least ill get bday backstraps one way or another ;) g'luck

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