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First Gun which 22?

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My son is 9 and I am considering getting him his first firearm for Christmas. Leaning towards starting with the Savage Rascal .22 but wanted to get other perspectives on the topic. The only thing that bothers me about the Rascal is that it is a single shot. Yeah I get the reasoning behind it but don't know if it is required because my son is gonna be supervised while he is shooting. 

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I have a keystone .22 single shot for my boys.  They will out grow it quickly.  The single shot is nice for early safety learning.  A typical bolt action would be awesome, as the easy learning stages, just load the mag with one round and build upon that.  Ruger American is a nice rifle.  10/22 is a staple.  I recently bought a Rossi RS22 semi auto, it’s a great little rifle so far.  Small and light, it’s essentially the same as a Mossberg 702 Plinkster.


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I bought my son a Savage bolt action as his first. We actually shot it this past weekend. He loves it and is getting a really good feel for how to cycle the bolt, effectively use a scope, etc. The only "issue" with this Savage is that it's not a youth model, so it's a little big for him to hold comfortably at this point.

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month old but i've dove into getting my 8 yr old daughter setup to learn. i may have taken it bit far. Fitted her up with a boat paddle from BCA and put optics with it too.  all the ones mentioned for smaller framed youth seemed like she'd grow out of it fast.

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