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There was a three series of shots(1; 2 a month later; 3 12 months after 1) for people. I got the last dose and then it was discontinued(that’s comforting!)- I have never had lyme and yet many ticks on me and attached. I do however have a 6th toe on my left foot but it’s worth it!

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Never thought about cutting it off?

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On 5/7/2019 at 4:47 PM, GR HUNTER said:

Does the Rynoskin just keep the ticks from crawling under it onto your skin?  

Ryno prevents the little bistards from attaching to our skin. Given the tight fit, my guess is they would have a difficult time crawling under the stuff. I feel totally protected...OK, I guess I could also buy the head cover Rynoskin...sorta cheeped out at the last minute.

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