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My brother bought a house in Dutchess recently. 3G unit. I went there Monday and saw this buck rub. My dad went yesterday and found a fresh shed at the rub.

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4 miles and nothing to be found...walked up on two different “family groups “ of deer ...no horns but no balls seen for confirmation of dropped antlers. May need to head for some preserves I know that do not allow hunting to see what’s still walking around

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So, this is pretty cool...On the hike yesterday when I found the sheds, I got pics of a buck still holding onto one side of his shed antlers. I think he might be the buck that dropped one of the sheds I found. His antler looks pretty similar to coloration and symetry to one of the ones that I found...and he was in the general area of the direction where the fresh tracks were going.  



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10 hours ago, suburbanfarmer said:


You are one lucky man to be in a such a target rich area.

The harder I work the luckier I get. We plotted three acres of brassicas, wheats, etc. in this spot. I doubt these would be where they were without the added food. If anything I was lucky because my hunting partner couldn't make it at the last minute, LOL!

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