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  1. A lot of people knock them, but i shoot rage 2 blades 100 gr.. I will be trying out the hypodermics this year. I have seen a few very bad hits(from a friend) with rage heads... that i would have never ever thought would kill a deer, but did.. not saying that a different head couldnt do the same thing. so far i have not had one fail, all of my kills have been pass thru's as well. my backup broad head is the g5 montecs, awesome reliable head in case the rage ever failed both fly like field tips for me
  2. Thanks! I will set up a cage this weekend actually, I didn't even think of that. Grow, I have planted chicory and the deer never seem to eat it on our hill.. but cant seem to beat clovers.. ill frost seed this with clover again in late winter / early spring I have high hopes for this location this fall! I planted it mainly for my fiance to get her first buck ever, this fall, hopefully with a bow!
  3. I just planted a 1/2 acre of winter peas, forage oats and clover yesterday 9/8.. I have never planted winter peas before, does anyone have any experience with these? as in if they need a frost to release sugars (like the faorage oats and brassicas) before deer will eat them or do they hit them as soon as they starting growing? just looking for an idea on what to expect. and what not. these are on a brand new, never worked plot.. i tried to set up as a "staging area" close to bedding, about 70 yards in the woods from my soybean field, this is actually still damp and moist, considering the "drought" this pass month and a half.. thanks for any info!
  4. Ive owned 8 cuddebacks, (5 capture ir & flash, 1 attack and 2 ambush), they all but 1, have gotten me thousands and thousands of good pics out of them before they stopped working "correctly".. my attack cam on the other hand only worked good for a year then decided to take a pic every minute, and no matter what i do, i can not get it to do anything different. will probably replace with the new browning or covert cam.. for the price. otherwise i really like my bushnell trophy cams!
  5. Slammer! It is absolutely beautiful what a whitetail buck can turn into if they are just left to grow/mature! Then harvest of course! Best of luck, harvest that joker!
  6. Tons of acorns and apples this year on our trees as well. apples are falling like crazy already, seems kind of early though, i thought?
  7. 3.5 yr old.. in my opinion the back, chest and shoulders would be more "built" , all in all great buck!
  8. I use a cub cadet 28hp diesel hydro sub compact (20+- hp @ pto), so im somewhat limited with choices on implements. I haven't dismissed any idea, I would try it all if the tractor can handle it... I have used my 4' king kutter through several types of soil, from nice Wayne county to rocky Steuben, and have sent a ton of rock even the size of dinner plates(on accident), through the tiller. I just don't like the idea of sending rock that big through my tiller, its rough.. and i haven't had the chance to pick all the rock, so i offered my opinion/experience with it... I Use my discs and such on new plots and use my tiller on established plots that have been cleaned up some.. I enjoy food plotting as much or more than hunting sometimes, and don't mind making the extra passes. Especially if it keeps the abuse down on my equipment.
  9. Agreed with the C tine cultivators. I use them first, then pick the "big" rock and then have a 8" pull behind 2 row disc i use with my 28hp cat.. as long as its not to wet my tractor pulls it fine with the r4's. Ive got a lot and a lot of shale and such here in steuben. years to get it all out.. the tiller is no good until the rocks are out.
  10. Best of luck to you, hopefully no more breakdowns anytime soon! All of my brassica/turnip plantings have been done since the end of July. I had about a 1/2 - 3/4 bag of antler king honey hole left over from one plot. So i planted that to "use it up" this past weekend in a "test spot" not far from the cabin. I know its late but i did it more for the fact to see how well the plants do when planting this late... if the turnips will grow at all and if the brassicas get tall enough to eat.... etc.. Antler king Honey hole seemed to be the fastest growing blend i have planted so far.
  11. The property line/corner is about 50 yards away from this spot. The one neighbor is great, but the other neighbor is just a pain. So Im kinda stuck to keeping it on the edge of the woods here. without it coming up missing, ill deal with the blurry pics for now .. I also had someone blast through multiple times on their 4 wheeler, right past posted signs, ripping up the new brassica/turnip growth coming through. Cant win.
  12. Agreed. I did move the cam to a different angle. With there being all cornfield in the back I have to stick to this side. Unless I stake it. But I don't trust my neighbors :/
  13. Thanks, these pics are from Steuben county. The sunrise made the pictures a little bit blurry. otherwise these would have been even nicer photos.
  14. Thought i would share as well, Here is a few pics from the first card pull this summer.. I put 2 more cams out 2 weeks ago, going to check again later this week,.
  15. Ive never planted Winter peas before, i have got an acre to plant of oats/clover mix come September, i would like to try these. Do the deer eat them early bow season, late season or all through the fall?
  16. I bought one for my motorola droid last year and it would not connect. I downloaded apps and such to try and make it work other ways, and no luck. Gave it to my buddy to use with his samsung, he plugged it in to his phone and it has worked immediately.. I don't know why it wouldn't work in my phone. I think it was only 7$ on amazon, and they sold different ones with different charge ports... (iphones ..etc..) I really wanted this to work more for walking in to a stand that has a camera near by you can check quick while in stand, instead of waiting until after the hunt. Otherwise i just use 2 cards per camera, swap one with the other, check at home or work
  17. I always plant my oats within the first couple of weeks September. Trying to leave the oats around 6-8+- inches tall by the end of the growing season. I only use whitetail institute oats now(online or in store), they are so sweet and sugary its un real, I actually ate a couple pieces of the oats myself ((while they were still green in January!!)) and they were pure sugar and sweet tasting. (just to see for myself of course) I've bought generic brands like preferred seed and such, they all rotted out after first good frost. Never again. Ill pay the extra few bucks every time, since I know they work so well
  18. I've owned more cuddebacks than any other camera and had pretty good luck with cuddebacks older models, like the capture. They all lasted at least 4-5 years. so for the 150$ I guess I was pretty happy. A few more years would obviously be better for sure haha. Owned previously a, Primos truth cam, wildgame, stealth cam, Moultrie.. I do have a stealth cam 1.3 mp that still works and is probably 10 years old or more haha. slow as can be though. From what I've researched on, I would like to try out the Coverts and Browning cams for the money. Seem to be the best quality/reviewed for the price. I used to run 9 cams from july to February..(bushnells and cuddebacks) I am now down to 4 cameras, and hope to add a few more in the next month or so.
  19. My TTT and Winter green plots were planted last Wednesday evening, Thursday morning we got a good quick down pour. I checked the plots yesterday and the seeds have already sprouted. Even if these are one of the slower germinating brassica seeds out there, I am pleased. The soil is right back to being real dry again. In need of more rain for sure. Hopefully it comes tonight like they're calling for.
  20. I bought rr soybeans from kilburys in Arkport, NY. I believe the price was 76$ a bag. 1 bag plants 1 acre .. I broadcasted the soybeans at about 2x the recommended rate over a good seed bed. I went to lightly disk it in and my disk broke. So the seed was left on top. I was pretty upset that I couldn't disk it in. Well in only a couple of days the seed had germinated and was already sprouting. The whole 2 acres grew up immediately and are now doing well. the deer density is pretty good and they have not touched them. tons of food around this year
  21. I was just looking for some reviews on this bow site the "HHA optimizer lite ultra"... I'm really looking into getting one, and probably will, but would like some feedback if possible. I will be mainly shooting 3-d and hunting with it. I shoot a 5 pin viper sight now and can group pretty well out to 60yrds. I just don't really want to add any more pins to the sight. I've Never had a problem with finding the right pin when ready to settle in for a shot in stand.. I just want to try something new and I like this a lot. If so, does anyone have one, they are willing to sell? ha just thought I would ask. thanks
  22. Is "deer ag" local here in western ny? Also, since I am new to mixing my own blends at the seed shop. Is there a big difference between "coated" seed and un coated seed.. germination / growth wise? I'm used to buying commercial seed and they always seem to be coated(bright colored). And my own mixed seed wasn't..?
  23. I may just try mixing the radish in with the turnips and see how that works then. Thanks.
  24. I planted an acre of groundhog radish last year, grew monster radishes with 2'ft tall tops and they didn't even touch them until march and that was only for a week or so. I would like to try radish one more time in hopes they'll hit them, but they hammer the brassica/turnips at my place so I play it safe. does the double beam brassica have turnips in it as well?
  25. Well, friday I bought a bag of WI TTT and a bag of Winter greens to use in one plot. I also got to the feed and seed and mixed my own blend of rape, turnips and oats in case one fails. ill compare them and see. For the price I sure hope my mixed blend does as well as the WI.. I know I will switch in a heart beat if it does. Planted the mixed bag yesterday (7/26) and plan to plant the WI this week. looks kind of dry though the next few days..
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