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What's for dinner tonight?


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19 hours ago, johnplav said:

Deer liver the only way I liked it… with bacon and onions.  And I still have another one in the fridge.  Any good recipes?? 


My mother in law grilled baby beef liver, that had been marinated in bbq sauce, last week.  It was very good.  I generally only keep the livers from young deer, because those from the older ones always seem tough to me.  I’ve always had access to a virtually limitless supply of free baby beef liver, so I have had no need to keep old deer liver. 

They do tenderize somewhat, if you leave them raw in the fridge for a week or so, before cooking.  I save them, if I think the deer is under (2) years old.  Those from milk-fed, 6 month old button bucks, cooked medium rare, are literally “to die for”.  I prefer the flavor of those over Hereford or Angus baby beef. 

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Pastrami from quaker creek is out of this world! Added some potatoes and over easy eggs, dinner was great. 

That was last night. Trout and a baked potato tonight. 

Made two Reubens, two ham and cheese sandwiches for hunting meals as I head to my cabin tomorrow. Two weeks since my last hunt, it's time.


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2 hours ago, turkeyfeathers said:

Venison tenderloins Sous vide at 131 degrees for a few hours then flash seared in cast iron   , sunflower seeds , chi chi beans , crumbled blue , strawberry mint vinaigrette and a very nice cab Sauvignon   Happy Halloween!


I always use 129 for red meat. Do you always cook at 131 or just for venison? 

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12 minutes ago, The_Real_TCIII said:

Mind sharing your method? Adding anything?

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For this batch I added a pound of 80/20 to 2lbs of venison.  Lightly salted the outside and grilled to 130.  I usually like a more venison-heavy ratio, but these were nice and juicy plus wife and son loved them.  4 year old princess got a mini venison steak since she’s the only weirdo kid who doesn’t like hamburgers (or pizza!?!)

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