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What will you be using


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47 minutes ago, Biz-R-OWorld said:

I use lighted nocks to find arrow as souvenir. I would never re-use an arrow that passed through the body of animal (meat/bones/etc.). Not worth the risk, just use a new arrow.

lol just teasing.


I use ignitors, love em. I have shot multiple deer with the same arrow and broadhead, after a thorough inspection and test shoot and sharpening.

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I have also shot multiple deer with the same arrow. I'm no physicist, but I feel like there is much less force on the shaft with a clean pass through than slamming into a target over and over again. 

To the OP... Ladder stands, climber and a pop-up blind when I'm not feeling like being cold and wet. There is also the option of a very nice shooting shack built by a neighbor who hunted the property before we leased it, so that's always an option.



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1 hour ago, ApexerER said:

We have 5 tripod stands and so many ladder stands I can't count them all off my the top of my head. We added 3 this year and replaced an older uncomfortable one. Its almost here.....

Forgot.......we have two tri-pod stands too!

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I don't do hangons  anymore.....All I can picture is me laying on the ground and my testicles hanging on a limb about halfway up to the stand... Not that I need them anymore, but if they were gone I'd MISS them....

What would I have to SCRATCH when I get out of bed  ??…..

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