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A buck called "Flyer"...

WNY Bowhunter

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I just put the finishing touches on a heartbreaker buck that I was hoping to put my own tag on last fall. As fate would have it, a late night of skinning and caping other people's bucks caused me to skip out on the second morning of season and this deer was shot on a neighboring property a couple hundred yards away from my stand where I was sitting the previous morning. The last pic was from a series of pics my cell cam sent me that morning. I had no idea what they were dragging out until I met the guy at the local butchershop and he approached me about caping a deer for him that he may end up mounting. When he pulled into my driveway and I dropped the tailgate on his truck...my jaw dropped too. Really wasn't expecting it to be "my deer".  So it goes during gun season in NY...


zIMG_20220610_121307114_2 (2).jpg

zIMG_20220610_121233723_2 (2).jpg

zIMG_20220610_121221613_2 (2).jpg

zIMG_20220610_121214361_2 (2).jpg


IMG_0182 (3).JPG



SYFW0224 (1).JPG



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What a great buck!!!

Over the decades, I've missed out on a few bucks I "should" have killed. But I always figured, it just was not meant to be. And I'm good with that.

As always, you did a beautiful job on the mount!!! Your work is second to none.

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52 minutes ago, Lawdwaz said:

Wow what a beast.    Great mount too!!!

Any age or dressed weight to report?

Idk if they weighed him? He was a good sized deer... I'd guess he dressed 180-185# range. For age, I guess 5.5, no pics of anything similar looking in '20 but and I'm pretty certain I have pics of him in '19 at 3.5 yo. For sake of argument, we'll say that he's as old as he's going to ever get, lol.




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1 hour ago, dmandoes said:

Give us the spread and score. U had to have put a tape on him.

He's 20.5" inside. l believe he gross scored around 153 non-typical with the flyer (scored him a day or two after he was killed).

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