Live From The Water 2019 Edition

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This is the third year for this thread, very similar to the Live From The Woods deer hunting thread. Post in this thread using your smart phone (or other device you can get to the internet with) from your boat, stream, farm pond or wherever you are trying to fool those fish with your thoughts, current conditions, pictures, sightings, etc.  Don't forget, the site is accessible via your mobile device and there is even an app - Tapatalk enabled!    Lets see those pics!

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7 hours ago, Stay at home Nomad said:

No ice here .





So where are the fish, Larry  ??   I couldn't imagine being there and not fishing...

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Oswego this AM for a couple of hours, COLD! Couple of fatty eyes and a brown.IMG_20190218_070416890_BURST016.jpegIMG_20190218_063118134_BURST009.jpegIMG_20190218_093155457.jpeg

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