What do you do with the spurs?

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Spurs.......(one pair from last spring has to be strung on yet)
Since fans are being shown; here's a couple pics of three at home:
At the bottom of my basement stairs since 1991, stapled to cupboard doors and seen by a few members here-
And in the stairwell going into my basement hangs a very special turkey fan and back feathers.  Special because I hunted him for a bunch of consecutive days before killing him about a mile from where we started to battle on the second last day of the season late in the morning. Not much too look at but every day as I go out the door or into the basement he reminds me of the day.
The only other "mount" I have of a gobbler hangs at the Buffalo Gun Center on their wall as a donation.  My wife diodn't like it so I asked them if they wanted to hang it up after they remodeled quite a few years ago.  They took it and there it hangs, as we speak.  He was a dandy and proved to be worthy adversary too. I don't have any pics of him in the store, drive up if you want to see it.   (maybe buy a gun or some ammo?)

Wow man. Motivation right there

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"Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching, even when the wrong thing is legal"

-Aldo Leopold 

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On 5/8/2019 at 11:42 AM, turkeyfeathers said:

Have a bucket full of feet. Some day I’ll cut spurs off and put on leather lanyard   But I say that every year. 

Cut, drill then string...........much less clutter. :)

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Please support the hunting of Mourning Dove In New York State.  For information, visit


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