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I purchased this old rare book many years ago and just got it out off the shelf for a reread, Being a hunting dog breeder and trainer and hunting with some of the same breeds as Shelly used in Africa it is my kind of book.



Hunting Big Game With Dogs In Africa!
The author, Er M. Shelley, was the big-game dog trainer for a rather prominent American sportsman, Paul J. Rainey. While gathered `round the fire with several of his hunting pals Mr. Rainey declared that "wouldn't it be royal sport to hunt African lions and leopards with these dogs?" Well, shortly after the turn of the 19th century there wasn't anyone in east Africa to say they couldn't give it a try - so off they went! Can anyone in today's world imagine being able to do that? Hunting Big Game With Dogs in Africa is Shelley's recounting of the several years he spent in east Africa doing just that.



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I'm in the middle of my annual run through my hunting book library. I finished "How to Bag the Biggest Buck of your Life" by Larry Benoit last week. I'm about half way through Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails by John Eberhart this week. Every year I pick up on something I didn't the prior year when I go through these books. Maybe done day I'll remember all of these trinkets of wisdom.

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UNDER THE BLACK FLAG . Just took this Book out from the Library . Up to page 56 already. Can't put it down!

  Pirates were much more Brutal then the old Movies show. Most were in their 20s as living at Sea required Agility,Stamina + Strength.

 Pirates would Freeze in the Winter and be Burned Bronze in the Summer.

  Massive amounts of Gold + Silver shipped in from the Mountains of Peru to name just one area and carried by Mules to Spanish  Ports like old Panama would be attacked by English Pirates. Destruction followed.

 So far I have read that Pirate leader Morgan in a massive raid killed over 500 Spanish Defenders to the loss of only 15 Buccaneers. 

 Brutal,Skilled and intelligent- they destroyed Spanish Warships and evaded others. 

  How-- most were veterans of the British Navy. And or Deserters there from. They knew the Military Protocol.  Jamaica was Morgans home . Many other Pirates as well.

 One thing the Movies are right on however is their mode of Dress. Colored Scarfs for all. 2 Pistols + a Cutlass with a hidden knife.

  If you can buy this on Amazon- you will have many a relaxing Night Read.

 Time for the next Chapter- Pirate Women.




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