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    Stumbled across these as I was looking at photos for memories of my father on Fathers day.
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    I read somewhere that he loved acorns!!
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    Should be ok as a last resort, but I'd wait till all the vodka is gone, and stay clear of the fire crackers this weekend!
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    Removing a object is meaningless, the hate remains, this is feel good lib bs.. if we ban and remove everything then it goes away,kind of like sticking your head down a gofer hole. Again great leadership in action, so now what they pose with rainbow unicorn flags and we need to remove those. Sad .. very sad., same reason if you agree with them removing the flag, you might as well give them your gun ,as I see them pose with those symbols of hate as well...
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    just think about all the Country Music Artists who have used the Confederate Flag for many many years, on album covers, t-shirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, drink holders, key chains and any other type of memorabilia you can think of, not to mention it being in song lyrics, without it EVER being considered racist or hateful by the vast majority..........and all it takes is one incident to send everyone into a tailspin.
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    I would elaborate slightly on the trigger speed commentary. It's just perpetuating a marketing gimmick that trigger speed is the only thing that results in capturing game on cam. A slow trigger with a matched FOV/sensing area will perform better than a fast trigger with a wide sensing area not matched up with the FOV. Also this needs to be taken into account when mounting a cam high - not all cams perform well mounted high due to the sensor/trigger/FOV combo. Secondly, the scent on the cam itself, while I was a big proponent of using "kids gloves" when setting and handling cams a long time ago, I rarely worry about it. Ditch the strap if you can and move to screw in mounts (where legal and permission given), and don't worry too much about the scent on the actual cam. Scent on rigid plastic isn't really a concern. Plus, the scent bomb you just laid down actually intruding is going to do more damage than any scent via the cam will.
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    I just got around to reading the latest NY Outdoor News, it seems that they have come to the conclusion that there is "No regulatory solution that is going to make all hunters happy"................holy crap, how much time, effort and money was dumped into figuring that out?
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    This post is related to the RAVEN post where my Brother-in-law saw a crow dive bomb a raven. Pygmy has seen this too. I think we have all seen really small birds dive bombing a crow. BAM--what a hit and the little bird catches up again for another hit. Red-tailed hawks seem to be easier for these little birds to hit. Those collisions must hurt like hell! And the little birds keep following. I have seen a red-tailed hawk get hit a good 8 times before finally turning around in flight. And speaking of brave---in the early 90s- I was hiking around this time of year in a field, when this hen turkey started flying circles around me--small ones! I looked right away for the poults. They were right under me-frozen within a few yards of eachother. I was glad- I did not step on one and left the area right away.Mom soon landed and and took her brood away. Good memory.
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    There is just so many better ways to challenge yourself that don't increase the odds of a wounded and non-recovered deer. Maybe hold out for a deer of a certain age or antler size, or try and hit the heart or center-lung every time. The kill zone on a deer with a .22/250 may be less than half the size it is with the top contenders like a .30/06, .270, or .308. Those slower, heavier bullets will also power thru unseen branches and bones much better. I do like my 22/250 a lot but I love venison and it would be tough knowing that I failed to get some because I was under-gunned when I had far more capable weapons to pick from. I imagine those who love antlers would feel the same way about that.
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    PM sent back to you phade. Jared, Zac and I want to thank you for your generous offer! We are having more woods time together this year and it will be put to good use. Got to say,there are some really good people on this site! Thanks!
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    I go away for a couple of weeks and things go crazy up in here. I don't know all the finer details of the flag to comment and I'm Chinese so this isn't my fight anyway. There. A non-white response.
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    you are wrong!. the Irish were some of the FIRST slaves in the new world. the first slave sold in America was sold by a black man. http://conservative-headlines.com/2012/03/americas-first-slave-owner-was-a-black-man/ http://www.irishcentral.com/roots/history/irish-the-forgotten-white-slaves-says-expert-john-martin-188645531-237793261.html
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    How are the acorns looking this year? Bumper crop? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The stamp is now officially released! You can get the self-adhesive (shown above) from most post offices (call first, some don't carry it) and sporting goods counters. If you are a collector and prefer the gummed style, you can order them: http://www.fws.gov/birds/get-involved/duck-stamp/buy-duck-stamp.php If you want an artist-signed stamp and aren't local, get in touch with me and I will help you out! We're also having a hometown event to celebrate the stamp release here in NY. It will be in the Olean/Westons Mills/Portville area on July 18th. It's free and open to the public, and we'll have special cancellations available, signing, and some pretty nice raffles. Bass Pro donated a bunch of really nice stuff to this so we have stuff like a nice trailcam, a nice goose call, some hunting gear, etc. Cutco also donated a really nice hunting knife.
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    If I recall correctly, the Confederate flag was taken down from the SC statehouse in 2000 after a liberal protest called for it's removal. It was moved from there to the Confederate Soldiers monument on the SC statehouse lawn. That's the flag they are demanding removal of now. It's the old, "Give them an inch...." problem.
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    Morgan Freeman said it best when asked how do you stop racism,"stop talking about it" mike Rowe also said it well , removing a flag is only removing our rights, removing does not remove the hate , though if you think it does, then where do the bans and removeal of your rights stop..
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    Who wants to make a few bucks this fall and let me hunt their land a couple of weekends? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    this has got to be one of the biggest sh*t stirring threads ever started on this site..........
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    ny hunter you are in the same mtn range as the mohonks the funny soundind crows are more likely ravens
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    I have shot hundreds of crows...I know of 3 or 4 ravens that were shot for crows.. I have not hunted crows for many years..Back when I hunted them ravens were quite scarce here, enough so that shooting one by mistake was not a big concern..If I were still hunting crows today I would be very careful not to accidently shoot one, but after the hundreds of ravens I have seen over the last 20 years or so, I would not mistake a raven for a crow today. I have seen ravens in groups of 5 or 6 here in Steuben Co, but it is much more common to see them in singles or pairs.On several of my wilderness hunts, I have seen flocks of 30 to 40, nearly always working the carcass of a large animal such as an elk or a moose.. It is AMAZING to listen to the varied vocalizations of a flock of ravens... If you study the birds in the air, it is not hard to discern crows from ravens..Ravens are much bigger, but that is not always obvious when the birds are flying high..Ravens glide a lot more than crows, and their wingbeat is slower..Also, the tailfeathers of a crow are square when seen from directly below, while the tailfeathers of a raven are wedge shaped.. The raven's calls are very distinctive...
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    There are some big freaking deer in the Bergen Swamps. Letchworth is also feasible for you...shoot on down 390. I would think you might open some doors being a pre-med college kid who hunts and has his head on straight. Be respectful in your approaches and I bet you could land some private ground with a little effort.
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    man this thread really does do a lot to perpetuate the stereotype we hunters get. some of you should be ashamed. It strikes me odd that those who oppose gay marriage are also supporting the confederate flag, which clearly is a symbol of slavery and racism whether you feel it should be or not. 90% of you wouldn't say any of what you're typing on your keyboards to a black or gay person's face and that's the other truly sad part.
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    Pic #1. Main fountain in Buda Castle in Budapest. Pic #2. Deli in Prague airport.
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    The wife and I are on the last leg of our journey around NYS,it has rained constantly. This was from day one just before it started raining. We hit up the water park in old forge monday ,it rains ed on us but we were already wet so no big deal that day.
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    She will keep most of the other criiters away. You recruited a security guard...
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    it's not uncommon for a loosing side to have their flag flow by the victors! I believe some of the battle fields from the revolutionary war fly British flags on the graves of fallen British soldiers. In fact, I think Ticonderoga has or had British graves with British flags. There were also German spys (Nazi’s) executed during WWII that have Germany flags flying over their graves, I believe these Germans are buried outside of Washington DC. The rebel battle flag in SC was being flown at a war monument.
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    Personally I don't think any flag should fly over an government building other that the US , state and local flag if applicable. I can see some appropriate use on government property of the Confederate battle flag, in a historical sense, but in typical US fashion everything it over the top and taken to the extreme. I feel it is totally appropriate for the flag to be displayed at Fort Sumter and in and historical reference. But now that wont be happening.
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    for years my employer allowed females who became pregnant to continue to work as long as they wanted, they found work for them to do that was a far cry from what they were hired for, but they still kept them on........fast forward to new leadership who decided that they were no longer going to accommodate the females and the only work for them was what they were hired to do, and a fairly dangerous job, so most started to burn sick leave almost immediately............of course a lawsuit was filed and the employer lost based on their past practice.
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    Looks like a trophy catch. Nothing wrong with being happy about finding a killer! Happy they finally got him! Sure many others are too!
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    I'm good with it. Know why? Because it was in the PAST. A long time ago. I can ACCEPT the flag as part of HISTORY.
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    Pitchers should be able to hit. At least --connect and maybe get a single. I bet MATZ will always take part in batting practice.
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    use our code AMERICA and get 10% off. Our DoubleBeam Brassica would be a great choice for that plot.
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    Love these replys! Catskillkid--your letter made me laugh! Hate to say it- but I enjoy the arguing as well. I still see it today and as I said- it is my 1st memory of a club meeting. Last Summer- this one member in his late 50s wanted rabbits to be released on the pheasant preserve. He was asked--(what kind of rabbits) and answered---BUNNY RABBITS!! He brought the house down!!!
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    Yep, they should also lose their job. If you can not complete your job duties for whatever reason, why should they pay you? If you don't get a job because of your religion it is discrimination and illegal, if you refuse to do your job because of your religion then you should have no protection. The constitution guarantees that you have freedom to practice your religion, not bring that religion to work with you and force your employer to make concessions due to it.
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    Funny how they get to write the definitions…... And everyone is still ignoring HOW the majority of this small group of unelected people, came to their decision. Pandora's box is officially open…… But hey……homophobes & haters....Right?
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    Ugh. You are free to practice your religion, but if that interferes with your job it's time to find someone else who will do it. If I told my employer it was against my religion to do my job they would fire me and find someone else, why should they be any different? Maybe you can get a job with a church.
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    The change to the law would allow for families to pay the ransom if they have the means and choose to do so. Previously the laws prohibited paying of ransoms by families and they could face prosecution at the federal level. The new law would still bar the USA from negotiating or paying ransom money for hostages. While my personal belief is not to never pay, this change is consistent with allowing the maximum liberties to US citizens. However Reagan with the help of Ollie North found a way around the law.
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    And the fight begins with Texas http://www.al.com/news/index.ssf/2015/06/texas_ag_says_clerks_an_refuse.html
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    Now that's FUNNY right there, I don't care WHO y'are....
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    Proud supporters of the flag can join the rally in support of the flag at the SC capital building on July 18th. The event is being planned and organized by the KKK.
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    In a half day's work (four hours) he could have letters in the mail to 75 or more landowners based off of GIS and cyber scouting. A letter approach likely would be relatively cheap, minimal time consumption, and probably a good fit for this person, especially if he's willing to drive upstate a bit to open the areas to reach out to. I posted a pic in the trail cam forum of a decent buck that's started showing up. That property is exclusive to me and my hunting partners now, and all I did was send a letter and ask for permission. On our third season on that ground. And, that's just one of 15-20 parcels I've obtained permission on via letters over the past 5 years. Here's some pics from letters....various states, people that hunt with me (I've asked for others to join me in letters even), deer on cam, dead deer, etc. And these are just the ones on my work computer.
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    I'm looking on the bright side. It would probably benefit this forum in the long run.
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    can somebody explain to me why people are even using the confederate flag as their avatar? To try to be provocative, to get attention- same reason for the titles of most of their threads.
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    no it wouldn't. thats why I'm asking for your personal reasoning for supporting the flag. can you please answer?
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    can somebody explain to me why people are even using the confederate flag as their avatar? or supporting it all of a sudden in public? i mean, the flag represents the south (which we aren't from, I'm guessing) and the confederacy LOST the war. what personal attachment does anyone even have to it? Im going to guess that the majority of us are new immigrants to this country within the last century, who immigrated most likely a northern city. so what is the attachment to the flag? just curious.
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    If you're bottomed out you have a bad scope or your mounting system is is off. (thank you Captain obvious LOL) Have someone check the rings and bases and +2 on the bore sight. If The gear on the rifle is old and cheap, just cut to the chase and start over with newer better stuff.
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