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    Well after three days up in our Catskills camp seeing nothing but birds and squirrels we packed up Monday afternoon and headed back home. By the time we got back it was 3 p.m. I decided to jump right back in the jeep and head to my bow hunting spot in Rockland county (NY). I was settled in the stand by 4:30 and I'm glad I did. Right as the sun was setting, I had a few fawns and a young buck feeding below my stand. A nice mature doe came out and I began that slow, calculated process of getting the bow ready to draw. Just as I was about to draw I saw another deer coming down the trail. A buck! He hit the Y in the trail and thankfully he picked to go to the left. He came right under my stand. He paused and I let the arrow go, heart and lung shot, I heard him crash and sat shaking in my tree stand for a good 15 minutes or so. Only my second buck ever, I was absolutely thrilled to put a good shot on him and recover him. 100 grain Spitfire Maxx broadheads, Mission Venture bow.
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    This came to me last night. During this last weekend, Sunday, a 15 year old youth was lucky enough to put his tag on the buck of a lifetime. This weekend was his first time hunting deer. 13 scorable points, going to gross in the mid 160's. Bases just shy of 8". Deer was aged at 5-1/2. Taken at 20 yards How do you top that in a hunting career.
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    I was told by a dec officer before that you need to call them or or the police and usually they will put a tag on it for you or if you don't want to try that you have to use your own tag other wise it's illegal.
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    that went a field this past weekend during the youth deer hunt! Your memories will last a lifetime!
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    There sure are people who do but I, personally, don't seem to understand it. Winning is the accomplishment. Not the medal that's giving to the winner. It's like showing off a medal that you didn't win.
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    I've never been a big fan of guns with exposed hammers for kids just starting out, unless they have prior experience handling them. The fact that the hammer has to be let down by holding it back, pulling the trigger and easing it forward once it was fully cocked makes me a little uneasy.
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    that's awesome. He is going to be disappointed from here on out haha.
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    what about bluegrass? my ego is sensitive. i do require pats on the back too
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    The budget will never be balanced when half the country depends on the other half to take care of their lazy asses, and govt keeps doing it. Now wer need to borrow more money to pay the interest on what we have already borrowed, and that is supposed to just get rubber stamped. I remember ol barry the wonder man saying a few years back it should not be raised as it is a sign of poor leadership. When you are borrowing money to pay the bill for money you already borrowed there is a serious problem. The budget will get balanced when we stop paying out more than we take in. Simple math.
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    I have grabbed a few deadheads (my picture is from a deadhead actually) while shed hunting and it never crossed my mind that it could somehow be illegal - knowing NY laws, I better hide e'm!
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    I was away for a while, but I remember reading this exact thread last year. The names were changed to protect the innocent.
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    After a nice cold morning two doe bounced into the winter rye plot. Took one. The other stayed in the area a few seconds after the shot broadside. She seemed puzzled, could have doubled but I let her walk. Told myself only one doe off the property this year. Good hunting.
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    Last Sunday the Mrs. And I switched cars I was traveling for work so I kept hers at the airport and she used mine and had the winter tires put on while I was gone. The night before I left I moved the hunting gear I keep in my trunk into her Rav 4, scent free bags full of clothes, bow in the case, otter etc. I needed to make room to put the tires in for her. Rather then bring my hunting stuff inside I left it in the car as usually. Next morning I head to the airport early and in a hurry and notice some cd's, paperwork etc on the passenger side floor it looked the the car was rummaged thru but everything was closed up so I really paid no attention and knew all my stuff was still in the back. I get back Thursday night and Friday AM the wife and I switch cars back but I still had a set if tires in mine and I left the hunting gear in hers to switch after work. She now notices her gps and 20 dollars are missing which is then I realize the car was broken into I must have left it unlocked. She never uses the gps and oh well and the 20 dollars could be worst considering my bow and hunting clothes are still there. After work I go to get my hunting stuff out of her car and realize my bow is not in the case! It was stolen! Call renter insurance and the cops file a report and claim and I'm miserable! My brother recommended checking craigslist and wouldn't you know it there is a listing from oct 10th with a pic of my bow from a pawn shop around tr corner. Pawn owner was nice enough to give me the bow back Friday night without much hassle. Had an awesome sit Saturday AM and was able to close the deal on a doe. All this after thinking my entire season was lost. Lesson we'll learned!
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    Three local Steuben County bruisers...several years of history with these deer...all 3 are 5.5 - 6.5 years old. 2013: 2012: A friend of mine has been watching these two for the past 3 years... 2013: 2013: 2012:
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    Just thought I'd put out a reminder that the youth deer season is this weekend, Oct. 12-14th. Don't know if it'll impact how or where you plan on hunting this weekend, so I just thought I'd mention it. No need to turn this into a debate....
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    Vetch, great food source and you won't be spreading a problem via the river washing seed/roots to other areas... its what they use on overpass hillsides. Please stay away from non native... it may solve your problem but create big ones for other people. this holds true for plants ,animal, ect... few examples, purple loosstrife, Asiatic carp, zebra mussle, autumn olive,starlings, the list goes on and on....
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    If more and more New Yorkers pass on 1.5 and some 2.5 you would see a difference in the quality and the number of quality bucks in the State. Co-ops are a huge success..... and individual farms can be successful, but the more 1.5's can make it to 2.5 is the start. In NY around 120,000 bucks are taken each year, and 54% are 1.5 that is over 60,000 bucks never see 2. Part of the problem is we live in an immediate gratification society where everyone expects immediate results and need to have an immediate harvest of a buck. Oklahoma's buck harvest only includes 15% 1.5 year olds and they DO NOT have mandatory AR's.
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    Headed over to my father in laws (8f) apparently he has an overabundance of does lol
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    This past weekend was my first chance to hunt and it was just a little too warm. Had contact with everyone elses problems from downshifting big wheelers, cars, tons of motorcycles, chain saws, duck-hunters, squirrels, chipmunks, birds all over, mosquitoes, and your trying your best to just hear the rustle of deer coming is just about impossible. The squirrels running all around, you turn around finally to take a shot at them, and there's a deer looking right at you, and your thinking "REALLY".
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    I get it. I don't bow hunt so I'm an inferior hunter and my opinion (one that's shared by MANY bowhunters on this site, BTW) is somehow invalid. Maybe I don't bow hunt because I don't have time to practice enough to feel like I'd be capable of taking an ethical shot on a deer. Maybe I'm able to fill enough tags during gun and ML season to more than fill my freezer, and that of a couple friends as well, that I don't need to spend the extra money on a bow and the bow license. Maybe it's something that I've thought about getting into, but jackasses like yourself have really turned me off to bow hunting because I don't want to become the pompous ass that you display yourself to be on this site. But, really, WTF difference does it make if I bow hunt or not?
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    A few years ago, I was hunting DEP land on the last day of the shotgun season. I was sitting just over the property line on the DEP land with my back to some houses. I was in all orange for safety reasons. Some little kid was outside in his yard (probably like 200 yards away) screaming at me for like 3 hours, screaming things like "Go Home, You won't shoot a Deer!,", etc. His mom was outside with him, she didnt say anything. They could probably see me because of the orange. Finally at the last minute of legal shooting light. I unloaded all 5 rounds as fast as I could, then I stood up and screaming "I got one, I got one". The Mom took the kid inside immediately.
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    I love finding cameras in the woods. I used to moon them years ago, but now I just leave them where they are. They let me know that I need to find a different place on the public land I hunt. I hate seeing flashlights walking towards me at 5:30am on opening day
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    I am amazed you post these WNYBowhunter. Makes me want to show off too, but that's a no go with people on this site and knowing where I hunt. Nice deer.
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    On the back of all of my cams, I have a note attached. It basically says the following: If you can read this note, your picture has already been taken and sent to me via email and text message. Please leave the camera the way you found it. If you have any questions please call me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. I have gotten pics of people looking right into the camera, but nobody has ever taken a cam yet.
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    Knew it was too good to be true! lol
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    your form shouldn't be any different shooting the old bow versus the new one. practicing as if you're in a shooting situation is important. also continue throughout the season otherwise muscles get weaker and form changes slightly. all the while a tuned bow is essential. don't change anything and go hunting without practicing first. when it comes time to shoot a deer, don't think that you're shooting a deer. only decided yes i'm going to shoot it then stop thinking about the deer. it's easier to do this by focusing on the process of making a good shot at a spot you're trying to hit. then after you make that shot count the flood gates of emotion can open.
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    would be hard to prove that wouldn't it. You may buy 6 new gadgets before the season. You land a trophy buck. Which gadget did it, or was it none of them? Unless you're on a drive it's hard to say someone pushed a deer your way.
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    I argued so hard against the youth season last year but to be honest with you there was barely a kid in the woods and no gunshots where I am so I really do not think it disturbs the deer to much.....
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    possible being the weekend is 6/7 days away, remember, better safe than sorry, allow a little extra time. i know you said your symptoms have improved being able to lift a gallon jug, but that is the cardinal sin cause patients think, great ! and proceed to over due it and end up worse than they started... as a fellow bow hunter I KNOW your itchin , but the weather is still warm, the rut is not for another couple weeks, so don't blow it now... great that its only a lig sprain, and not a surgical candidate like a labral tear, or even rotator cuff involvment which can be a touchy situation cause it is constantly in play with shoulder movement.. gradually increase your shoulder act and the weight you lift with it... if you have some discomfort that last more than an hour or two after activity, back off, slow it down... otherwise some pain or discomfort that goes away with rest after some act, your ok, still you want to work just short of what produces those symptoms... good luck n i hope to see you in the bow harvest thread this season! Joe
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    When it comes time to shoot at a deer, I find I have to force myself to concentrate and think about the bow mechanics of the shot and put the deer out of my mind (good luck with that). I also try to maintain my sight picture until I hear/see the arrow hit the deer. Most of the misses I have experienced have been because I didn't hold my bow arm through the shot, but dropped it or moved it to the side prematurely to watch the hit which in those instances didn't materialize. Its hard when you're starting but keep your mind on the mechanics of the shot like you do when you are at the range. If you haven't practiced from an elevation, you need to. Your arrows will hit higher when shooting from a treestand and its important to know how much it affects the impact point of your arrow. Also try some nearly vertical shots. You don't want your first one to be when the deer is right under your tree.
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    well my group paid for one for a week and various groups are doing the same
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    What if my dog finds the shed and carries it back to the truck ? Take that NYS
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    Although i did not shoot anything. It was a great experience and learned alot. I now know where we are putting a new stand up on Wednesday, i also know where a big 4 pointer has a scrape. Let a small 6, a big 4, another 4, and 3 spikes go. Will go after them next year when they are a little more mature. And i didn't shoot any doe because i would like to shoot them with my bow, so i feel confident for if a big boy gives me a shot and i have my bow. I consider this weekend a success.
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    LOL..... You'd love my 26" barrel with no brake in the "light" package.....Just over 7 lbs and some ounces all up with 2 down and 1 in the chamber. . Some 200gr stout loads, and you wonder if it kicks the same on both ends? I actual like it better as I used the same frame/stock/scope set up with a 300 RUM. That'll clear your cobwebs. Shot a pile of stuff with that, the Wby is a virgin still.<<sigh>> Damn ugliest brake on the Wby barrel, embarrassing to leave it on at times. Hope know one ever has to be next to me when shooting, good for recoil.....hell on the guys ears (or ladies) next to you. I had a 99' in 300 Sav; sold it when needed a few funds several years ago. Damn fine shooter and one of 2 rifles I wish I had never parted with. Nothing fancy and just an overall pleasant to shoot gun. Like to find another at some point. Hey; anyone know where I can get them underoo's for Blaser? Them's the bees knees.
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    They'll be nice in a couple more years.. <<smirk>>....
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    If the retention rate increases, it will be successful in that respect. If you move it to the first week of gun, you are removing the nice weather, more calm, pattern-able deer part of it. As far as the abused tags go, Im sure there were, but you cant judge an overall program by a few bad apples. You keep spouting the doom and gloom that was being pushed by certain groups to oppose the implementation of the youth season, even after the vast majority of it has already been proven wrong. These special youth seasons have been successful other places, and are nothing brand new, NY is not some sort of pilot program.
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    That's for sure! Well they have migrated from that area to CSH and down the greenbelt trail into the farm/woods area by Pulaski and Oakwood road, Pulaski and Lake in greenlawn. To say they are starting to multiply would be an understatement... They are in the farms on Jericho tpke by Warner road and they are in West Hills Park. Not to mention all the young bucks that leave Eatons Neck every year into Northport and Fort Salonga. Muttontown persevere, Bethpage state park, Blydenbergh. I don't think anything will be done until a few fatalities become reality unfortunately... I though Lyme would scare people but apparently not...
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    All to often deer hunters forget that there have always been other season's running concurrent with theirs. Wether you agree or disagree with a youth season doesn't matter, there has always been small game and Duck hunting going on and I would find it impossible to tell what someone is shooting at from a simple sound of gun fire.
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    My preference between the two would be the more mature thicker 6pt. Still waiting for that dilema this year. lol
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    Congratulations to this fine young hunter on his first & successful youth hunt, he is now hooked and pumped on hunting! He has been shown the ropes & has become a safe & ethical hunter! Your step-Dad is VERY proud of you!!!!!!!!!!
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    I have a encore, and a contender I would not recommend it personally, don't get me wrong they're great guns, however for what barrels cost, you're better off buying a different gun for different hunts, you can get a pretty nice ruger American and save enough money to buy a decent shotgun and every one would rather own two guns
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    passed small does for a week and it paid off.... Sent from my MB886 using Forum Fiend v1.0.1.
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    Got this doe right before sunset last night. She came out with another doe and a fawn and she was the bigger of the two adults. First deer taken with a bow I just got my bow last year so this is my first full deer season to hunt with a bow and I love it. I did a tonnn of shooting to get ready for this season and it paid off. She led the way out then came the fawn. I had already started to draw my bow and think the fawn heard me. It looked right at me and then the mother did to I let the arrow fly and ended up getting a great shot. She ran maybe 20 yards off the trail and piled up in a shallow swamp land. Lets goo deer season 2013 for my first bow harvest. Im very pumped lol !!!
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    Got a nice buck on Sunday Oct 6. The fun part about this buck was that i saw him my first morning out on Friday Oct 4th. He gave me a perfect broadside shot at 25 yds and I guess I just didn't settle my pin like i should have and i shot under him and sheered off a few of his chest hairs. I was a little disappointed but I had already taken a doe that morning and i had 3 months to find him again. On Sunday morning I sat up in the same tree and though I saw many does, he never came out. as I walked out of the woods that morning I came across ground zero. A small area with 2 or 3 active scrapes and every sapling rubbed free of bark. I knew this is where he was coming out from bedding all day. Lucky for me there was a big black pine with good vantage points right along the trail. I unpacked the climber, got out the saw and trimmed it for a 20' high sit. I was back in the stand at about 3pm that afternoon and almost immediately the does started coming out. I counted 9 in total and it didn't take long for me to get skylined. I was frozen in an uncomfortable position for over an hour before those pissed off does left the area. About 5:30pm I hear a crack behind me, looked down and there he was. I had to spin an lift the bow up over the side bar of my stand and i did this with great care making sure I didn't catch any of the bark on the black pine. He took a few steps as I drew back, gave me a quartering away shot a little better than straight down and I let fly. The arrow made a loud, deep thud as it sunk in high on his rib cage and lodged in his shoulder on the opposite side. I knew the arrow didn't pass thru and he turned and crashed in thru some of the thickest most dense tangle of brush, stickers and vines you can imagine. It sounded like Buick as he blasted 60 or so yards through the brush ending with a solid loud CRASH. I knew he was down. I got out of the stand immediately to begin finding him and I made note of the direction of where he crashed. This brush is so thick you might have to go 20' sideways just to get back on trail and go 2' forward. I found a few drops of blood that had splashed out of his back and moved forward. It didn't take long for me to lose the trail on the wet leaves and it seems several other deer spooked with him so following the running tracks wasn't working. I finally gave up and thought I would bring my beagle back to help me find him. I had gotten so turned around in there (it's really like one of those mouse mazes) that I just looked up over the trees and headed for daylight. And to my amazement, there he was. And as luck would have it, he died only 40' from a field. It still took me a good 10 minutes of maneuvering and a few cuts to get him out of there but I made it. he's not the biggest deer but It was a very fulfilling hunt and my strategy change paid off.
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    I know he's not too big, but it's my first deer with a bow. Taken in 7s 10/1/13 at 0725 am.
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    First one of the season for me! Had 6 or 7 come out just before sunset, and this one gave me the best shot. 30 yards, double lung, right through the pump station!
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    coyote followed a fawn past me.....not anymore Sent from my MB886 using Forum Fiend v1.0.1.
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    I'm heading up to my property tomorrow, and I'm sure I'll jump some deer. I'm getting excited already for this years season, and we are a solid 5 months away (till bow).
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