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    Had a great time on my first ever hunt in souther tier didn't get to harvest any deer but seen six but they were all on the run not presenting a good shot. Me and my gang got tommorow to get it done. I can't thank stoneam 2006 and his dad enough for allowing us to come down and hunt with them while showing us around they have been very generous with there hospitality, the kind of people you hope to meet on a sight like this. Sent from my VS980 4G using Tapatalk
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    I live about 10 mins away so it was perfect. Now that I have had time to let everything digest...my plan of action is to simply go over tomorrow, ask if I did something to upset them along the way, ask to pull the four stands (there are more but those a wood built) and as much as it will pain me, say thank you for the opportunity to hunt for the past 14yrs and walk away. I would love to give them a piece of my mind but like many have said...what would that do. Yup, I would feel good for about an hour...but the thrill would be gone and I may even eventually regret doing it (maybe not). Not going to lie, I am still like WTF?!?! over the whole situation still.
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    I got yelled at by my neighbor for hunting my property, "missed" a bunch of squirrels. It was a successful afternoon walk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I finally got my phone to cooperate with posting pictures. Here is my friends and mine opening day success. We both took does in the morning about 30 min apart then he took the nice 7 point around 3pm. It was a memorable day. Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
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    A little late but I got this guy on Monday afternoon. Had 3 doe run by me about an hour earlier and I was a little upset. I want seeing much at all the first 3 days and was running out of time. Well an hour after the 3 doe ran by me, this guy decided to walk out at about 149 yards. I took my time and fired a round. He took off and I couldn't get another shot. I walk up to see that I had him hit and got on his tracks. Then my dad came as I started to track and he went ahead Incase I jumped him up. Needless to say thank goodness we had snow other wise it would have been a long night of tracking on my hand and knees. He ran about 250 yards and was piled up.
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    Ahhhhh, I don't know man, if i had my wife in a ground blind with a sleeping bag ... I mean seriously ,im only human.
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    I miss being out ...been cooped up in our house all week with a bad back. I appreciate this site and all our hunting fraternity. You bring us right out on the stand with you- enjoy all the stories! Good luck everybody, be safe, and enjoy God's great creations, beautiful sunrises, sunsets and nature! Jeff
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    I can't take it no more I am going hunting tomorrow . Sitting around this house is driving me crazy. Reading about everyone hunting .I am going tomorrow. Wish me good luck.i need meat in the freezer. Good luck all
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    Update to this story. The slug hole was not from a slug it was from a crossbow bolt and it happened the Saturday BEFORE gun season. We set up for a drive this morning and ran into a hunter in his stand on the property line. He was the shooter two weeks ago. No elaboration on how he hit him in the leg, 6 inches above the hoof, but I know I've had some less than ideal hits in the past as well, both my fault, and other circumstances such as deer movement or deflections due to objects not seen. The hunter was happy the deer was dispatched and recovered which I am sure haunted him. A lot of us know what it feels like to not find one we have wounded and how sick you feel. Very glad there was some closure for the hunter and the deer.
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    They offered $1800 to hunt, and he took it. My wife had the best quote though..."S!$t! I already sent out their Christmas card."
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    Battery powered Everything!!!!!
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    Pulled some trail cam cards today. Here's video of a small buck trailing a doe and grunting, pretty cool to hear. I've passed this guy up about 6 times during bow and twice during gun so far. Buck Trailing Doe Grunting 11240024.AVI
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    I completely agree fourseasons, I do believe (now that I have time to reflect) that this was probably worked out in advance. Just burns me that they didn't call or anything to just give me a heads up. And for adding up all my time spent there...that's not a bad idea (though I know I'll never do it). Fun to think about though! I'm waiting to the next good snow and seeing if I get a call "we can't get out of the driveway".
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    . New spot this afternoon and it's that hour Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A buddy put this nice Buck to rest this morning in 9p. He deff earned it....put in a lot of hours in this crap weather and it paid off...his biggest buck to date. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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    Well a doe will work 7 or 8 came to her 25 yard shot. Dragging it out now .
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    Have a couple beers at a holiday party? Please don't drive home! Its just not worth it guys. Last night we had an accident in our local area and the guy is super lucky to be alive, was driving too fast for the conditions (Crazy foggy) and had been drinking, He totaled his brand new truck and we had to have FD use the jaws of life to get him out. Hes lucky and will get to keep his legs but could have easily been killed. Just wanted to give everyone a reminder that drinking and driving is definitely no joke!
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    For cold hands try one of those strap on muffs. Mine is from Cabelas but there are lots of choices. I use the hand warmers inside that and only wear very thin gloves. My hands stay completely warm and no loss of dexterity with the thin gloves.
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    I have listened to each response here. This is a difficult no matter how you look at it. If it were me, I would collect my thoughts and pay them a visit. Start out by asking them for a few minutes of their time. "We've known each other for quite a long time now... more than 14 years. I have always felt we were good friends. Don't you agree?" Then - "you know I've done a lot of work for you over the past 14 years plus have always plowed your driveway and never charged you a penny. I remember how thrilled your grandson was when he saw the treehouse. The reason I did this was because - first of all; I really liked you folks and second of all I appreciated the opportunity to hunt the property. So you can understand how stunned I was when you told me you just accepted money, $1800 from some other hunters." Then ask - "why wasn't I given the first opportunity to lease the property? because I would have gladly worked out an arrangement and still plowed your driveway because as I stated, I really liked you folks." The close - "At this point is there any way that next year I can work out the financial arrangement with you to lease the land to hunt? If so I would still plow your driveway at no charge. Give it a try. You got nothing to lose. AND AS LARRY HAS STATED - Remind them now that they have accepted money for the right to hunt they are now liable in a law suit.should one of them or someone with them get hurt or worse yet killed on your land. Have they obtained additional insurance now because they have entered into an agreement?
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    "We can't get out of the driveway"! Answer.......Take that handful of bills and use it to wipe your behind or buy a snowblower!!! Click.........
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    1800 big ones is a good chunk of change for many folks. They will see in the end how much all that extra shit you did for them costs in the long run thats for sure. My problem with it is that some stranger to this guy did not just ride down the road, see deer in a field, pull over and hand them cash or a check for the 1800. This was done elsewhere and this people know who these guys are very well and worked out a lease.
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    I hope the owner didn't twist the knife after putting it in your back . Sure , he has the right to do as he pleases with his land but to take money over help and friendship is greed as far as I am concerned . Just an opinion .
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    So yesterday was the 2nd time this week that I have kicked the same guy off my property in about the same spot. Yesterday after our conversation he ended with "I only have a few acres can you at least stay away from this area tomorrow it's my last day off for a week" said in a scream similar to a teenage girl. I'm on my way out the door to do some squirrel hunting along the property line and I have a whole box of shells with me:) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Plan worked and his suffering has ended and he was legally tagged. Great group effort. 4 shots total 1st skimmed him low, and the 4th put him down. 2 and 3 were misses. Holy adrenaline!!!! His right rear hoof was like a crooked club foot which was very swollen and bleeding. The other wound he had was his left front leg, six inches above the hoof, he had a perfect slug hole. This deer was shot at on a neighboring property and came over to hide. He could barely walk let alone run away. Glad the coyotes didn't get him.