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    The best part of hunting behind the house and having kids is I can send a text that says "Boy, come drag my deer out for me!" 90#
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    I did a solo afternoon sit in 9A today. After the morning rain, conditions were quite pleasant. I even saw the sun peek out a bit. At about 3:50 I somehow notice a twitching ear about 70 yards directly in front of me. I take a closer look with my scope on 9x zoom. It was a deer, carefully assessing whether to come out from the sumac trees. I watched it for a good 5 minutes. No horns, so then I just had to decide if it was a big enough doe. It finally came out and presented me with a shot. In my rookie brain, it looked big enough. Then again, I still had my scope on 9X zoom. So I shot it. It went down immediately. Turned out to be a button buck. Shot was in the lower neck area. I didn't see the entry wound at first. Had to flip it over. After considering my options, I am going to donate it the the Venison Donation Coalition. (I am too embarrassed to post a pic.) Still, it was nice to get out and amazed I saw its ear in the brush. Also got to meet my neighbor two properties over, which was nice.
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    I got yelled at by my neighbor for hunting my property, "missed" a bunch of squirrels. It was a successful afternoon walk. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I can't take it no more I am going hunting tomorrow . Sitting around this house is driving me crazy. Reading about everyone hunting .I am going tomorrow. Wish me good luck.i need meat in the freezer. Good luck all
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    Either I'm rasing a very patient hunter or she's never gonna want to hunt again. We are now 0-4 in seeing deer. Its only been a couple hours every time but for a 6 year old a couple of hours is a lifetime Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
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    Need to call that good looking blonde from "Rehab Addict" TV show to slap a little paint onto it.
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    I set the alarm for 5:45, I'm hunting with a friend about a mile from my house. This sure beats the 90 minute drive in used to! Good luck today, all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Pulled some trail cam cards today. Here's video of a small buck trailing a doe and grunting, pretty cool to hear. I've passed this guy up about 6 times during bow and twice during gun so far. Buck Trailing Doe Grunting 11240024.AVI
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    Well a doe will work 7 or 8 came to her 25 yard shot. Dragging it out now .
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    40-50 lbs Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Saw all of that but not a single deer Sent from my SM-G920T using Tapatalk
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    She also does fish My deer was only the second one she's ever done. First was a beer opener for her boyfriend. It is really something to see her work on it. And if you mess up it can be quite unforgiving. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    The thought of bacon and eggs is becoming overpowering I am weakening fast! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Time for a new stand this morning. Slept in a bit and brought the daughter out with me. Hoping to at least see one. Sent from my VS985 4G using Tapatalk
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    I have a difficult time trying to conceal my 44 mag Contender with a 14" barrel .
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    Out hoping for a harvest on my last vacation day before heading back to work...haven't hunted this spot yet this year and have some decent bucks on cam...good luck all
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    For cold hands try one of those strap on muffs. Mine is from Cabelas but there are lots of choices. I use the hand warmers inside that and only wear very thin gloves. My hands stay completely warm and no loss of dexterity with the thin gloves.
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    From a blind correct ? Got a good sleeping bag ? Take off shoes and climb in with the lower part of your body leaving your hands and arms free. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I have listened to each response here. This is a difficult no matter how you look at it. If it were me, I would collect my thoughts and pay them a visit. Start out by asking them for a few minutes of their time. "We've known each other for quite a long time now... more than 14 years. I have always felt we were good friends. Don't you agree?" Then - "you know I've done a lot of work for you over the past 14 years plus have always plowed your driveway and never charged you a penny. I remember how thrilled your grandson was when he saw the treehouse. The reason I did this was because - first of all; I really liked you folks and second of all I appreciated the opportunity to hunt the property. So you can understand how stunned I was when you told me you just accepted money, $1800 from some other hunters." Then ask - "why wasn't I given the first opportunity to lease the property? because I would have gladly worked out an arrangement and still plowed your driveway because as I stated, I really liked you folks." The close - "At this point is there any way that next year I can work out the financial arrangement with you to lease the land to hunt? If so I would still plow your driveway at no charge. Give it a try. You got nothing to lose. AND AS LARRY HAS STATED - Remind them now that they have accepted money for the right to hunt they are now liable in a law suit.should one of them or someone with them get hurt or worse yet killed on your land. Have they obtained additional insurance now because they have entered into an agreement?
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    "We can't get out of the driveway"! Answer.......Take that handful of bills and use it to wipe your behind or buy a snowblower!!! Click.........
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    when they ask if you will snow blow their driveway tell them you need x amount of dollars.
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    I hope the owner didn't twist the knife after putting it in your back . Sure , he has the right to do as he pleases with his land but to take money over help and friendship is greed as far as I am concerned . Just an opinion .
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    Plan worked and his suffering has ended and he was legally tagged. Great group effort. 4 shots total 1st skimmed him low, and the 4th put him down. 2 and 3 were misses. Holy adrenaline!!!! His right rear hoof was like a crooked club foot which was very swollen and bleeding. The other wound he had was his left front leg, six inches above the hoof, he had a perfect slug hole. This deer was shot at on a neighboring property and came over to hide. He could barely walk let alone run away. Glad the coyotes didn't get him.
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    Never hunted Westchester, but fished Kensico many times. Used to have a boat there. Good luck, I'm sure you'll get some input Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Most receipies call for the meat to be browned first. I have seen one that tells you not to brown it first though.
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    My 92 year old dad uses the store bought variety on his neck and back all day , every day. They seem to lose their warmth pretty quick as when I'm over I'm always hearing the microwave with them in it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    make sure shes not overdressed before you head out. Dress very light for the walk in. If shes over dressed on the walk in she will sweat and nothing but a hot shower and a glass of wine by the fire place will get her warm again. Dress light and a heavy sleeping bag...Great suggestion. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    I had a lot of night time activity on cams from the 16th thru the 18th. Have a lot of bucks with doe on cam but nothing during daytime. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'll ship you some of the ones that were raising hell over here. Had a fat red that tried crawling into my blind twice. i got a good boot on him the second time. A monster grey and small black decided today was a good day to practice their MMA moves on each other. I swear that grey wa as big as my wifes cat!
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    I did pass on both of them. The point is shoot the yearling because the 8 pt. will really be a stud the following year. IMO there is little doubt which of the two bucks in the photo would be the superior animal the following year.
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    I have more time off if you want me to hunt the spot for ya .... Just trying to help a brother hunter out ! (lol)
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    May karma catch up to him like a [emoji266] in the a$$ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Up in my haunted house. The creepiness of walking inside and up the stairs sure isn't going away the more I do this haha. Hope to see a decent buck cruise through the field. Or at least a nice big doe. I need some more meat for the freezer! Good luck today everyone!
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    He came in hot on two does. The four wheeler trail is there but I actually drug him 500 yds downhill. Something felt special about this afternoon!
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    Put on another layer or two. I find a pair of sweats and a outer rain gear holds in heat nice. Layer! Otherwise get warmer clothes, feet I would get larger boots for sitting and put hot pads on bottom and top if your still cold. Socks wear a hiking sock that removes moister and a thick pair of wool socks. Bibs hold in heat and so do hoods and hats. Depending on how long your walk in is I would not fully dress until in the blind. Otherwise the sleeping bag is a good idea I think if its really cold. Hand warmers in thick mittens is the way to go for people who get really cold along with glove liners and the big hand warmer sock.
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    On real cold sits I use thick, flip away wool mittens. Don't cheap out. Mine are wool rich and I think they cost me like 50 bucks. Put hand warmers in the finger tips of the mittens. Mittens are warmer than gloves. For the feet, thick wool sock on first covered by one or two layers of cotton socks, to absorb the sweat and pull it way from the feet. Legs,,,I do an Under Armor base then regular long Johns, then insulated pants (bibs work best) For the core, layer up with Under Armor first, then wool blend, then cotton, then the rest I can sit for hours……...
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    The core is always the last thing to get cold ,when the body gets in a cold condition it starts shutting down blood flow to the extremities ,its the bodies way of protecting the organs . Have her try putting one of those sore muscle heat patches with the sticky stuff on the kidney portion of her back .
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    That's a douche bag move. If it's was indeed something they couldn't pass up they could have handled it better, at least shown some class and gave you notice or the right of first refusal.
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    Damp leaves made for a nice walk in this morning in 3s. Owls are going off and crows just joined in. I need a doe to stay in this management program...pressure is not helping my hunts Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I shot a doe that dogs had torn apart it's rear end...I actually thought the deer dead as I walked past it's glazed over eyes and tail near it's head. I grabbed it's hind leg to assess the damage. She jumped up nearly knocking me over ,screaming just like a woman being attacked...I've never heard a deer make such and awful cry..I shot her in the head when she stopped a few yards away and went to her knees. I call the troopers having walked away from her after killing her...A neighbor had shot her front leg nearly off and the roaming domestic dogs had spent at least and hour taking chunks out of her until she went down and I happened on to the scene. He came out and never even asked if I had a tag, BTW I did..I keep a tag for just such cases and have used them several times...I believe tag or not..I would have shot her no question and still called the authorities....he just offered one to me and went to find the dogs owner. On the buck I shot with the rib sticking up out of his shoulder...probably no ,no tag no shot..but then again he did not smell and he was actually dogging a doe...though very slowly he was still managing to conduct his natural daily routines ,as it were. Though the DEC deemed him unfit to eat and gave me another tag. There are deer that loose parts of their legs here and those deer have gone on for years producing fawns, living ,breeding and caring for offspring on just 3 legs or 2 and a wounded 3rd...They actually get passes by the locals. When you see they survived to continue like that...There comes a time to say they DESERVE to live ,over lets end their suffering...there's a big difference between hardship and suffering...
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    Intersting question if it was me i would leave it alone because i dont want to break any laws . I Never had nothing like that happen to me. I personally would not shoot it . Because i dont know what the law is exactly on situations like that. But i know state troppers kill wounded deer all the time that have been injured by cars. I have a feeling if you called DEP they would tell you to just leave the deer alone and let nature take its course. If you called a state Trooper they would shoot it only if it was on the side of the road . There could be a loophole in law that lets you kill it but if you drag it out of the woods then you have to report it to the DEP . And they would probably do a investigation and may not believe your story especially if it's a buck with a big rack on it . I dont no what i would do probably nothing or by the time i made up my mind the deer would be gone .
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    just picked this .308 for my son for xmas Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
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    Got it done on stateland with cuz he was super pumped. Then for me to get lucky and smack it right in the pumper was icing on cake. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    first buck. 6r. Chasing a doe. First rut experience Sent from my D6708 using Tapatalk
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    Buffalo chicken sausage with peppers and onions in rice.
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    On Friday (11/18) morning, I perched myself up in my friend's daughter's tree fort. I'm serious. Their property borders a preserve of a few hundred acres, and the deer trample and dig up their lawn, eat the tree fruit, harass the garden, and because of the proximity of the preserve, are at ease and persistent daytime visitors. The deer travel across their property on their way to and from evening field feeding, and use the preserve for their daytime bed and browse. At about 7:45 a.m., frost on the grass, I catch sight of a deer about 100 yards out, about to cross their lawn, walking right towards my turret. Before long, I noticed he was a young four-pointer, but it being the last day of bow, I had settled on "any deer will do" and that was the same approach my buddy and his folks took for their property. He would be a suitable shared harvest for us all. He took a while to work his way over the the row of locusts, but once he did, I knew that he'd present a clean broadside shot at 30-35 yards. I positioned myself for the draw, drew, pinned him at 35, and as I released, he stepped forward. Thwack... He trotted off. Gut shot. Damn. My first. I think I pulled the shot as well, and that combination made my heart sink. It was 8:05 a.m. I stayed put for 30 minutes after watching him walk off into the thicket with difficulty, and losing sight of him. I got down, and checked the arrow. Definitely a gut shot. I knew he'd die, but it was a question of when, and having no experience with gut shots, I started searching the web for answers. It was like looking up health symptoms online: one site tells you it's a bruise, and another says it's a carcinoma. I knew I'd have to wait a while, but the suggestions ranged from 6 hours, to 12 hours, to 24 hours. Those are considerable differences. I also knew that with a shot like that, the deer likely made it to the preserve's property. That turned out to be a whole different set of difficulties interspersed with some fortunate accommodations that I'll avoid detailing here. After waiting several hours (which is much harder than I thought it'd be), and getting approval to track, I flung out what I thought would be a Hail Mary, and reached out to Grampy for advice. He got right back to me and set me forward with a solid plan, and even offered his help when he was available (we live in the same region, and I was hunting an area he was familiar with). Truly generous with his time and experience. The conversation lifted my spirit and gave my mindset a much needed realigning. At 3:30 p.m. (7.5 hours post-shot), I returned to the shot site with a friend who lives in town. He picked up the blood trail about 50 yards into the thicket. The abundance of deer trail and sign made those first 50 yards very difficult, and a stomach bug settled into my gut, which ended up in nausea and diarrhea in short order. I wondered if they might have been "sympathy pains" because it came on so quick. I felt terrible for that deer all day, and started to feel worse. I stuck with tracking, though. By the time the last light disappeared, the two of us were also joined by my buddy (who's daughter's tree fort I was in), and his teenage nephew, who went to tracking school over the summer; this was everyone's first blood trail, except for me. Everyone was awesome, with the young fella really stepping up and paying close attention to snapped twigs and scuffed leaves / pine needles, and at one point picking up the thought-to-be lost trail. Eventually, and a few hours into darkness, we lost the trail, and backed out for the night. The stomach bug won, too, and I had difficulty getting out of bed the following morning. It was a night of, umm..., violent illness. I felt weak, but knew I had to get back out to track. My request for a dog was denied, and I was given Saturday as the last day I could track on the preserve. I had to get the deer, regardless of how I felt. The temperature was rising quick, and I wanted a good shot at getting some meat before it spoiled. So on Saturday morning, we headed back in and picked up the trail where we last taped off a tree. We picked up the blood again. The trail was scant, and there were a few drops every 10 to 15 yards, so we did a lot of circling through some thick blow-down. But having been gut shot, I figured the deer would be headed for the closest water, and the track's general direction brought me confidence in this assertion. We continued in that direction. At about 1:00 p.m., my wife yelled my name. She was standing lake-side with two ladies who had been kayaking and stopped to check out a thrashing deer in the tall grass around noon. The deer expired just as they were getting out of their kayaks. I walked up to it. Still warm and limber, there he was the four-point buck. He was probably close to 1,000 yards from where I shot him, down by the closest water. As I stood there, feeling weak and sick, the sun beating down on my neck, I also felt sadness for the deer's struggle. I brought over 24 hours worth of pain to him, and I knelt down next to him and apologized to him. I felt no better. Then, I put my hand on his side and thanked him for his offering, lightly smoothing out his fur. It was not a proud and happy moment for me as a hunter, as my other deer have been. For me, it was sorrowful, and I don't think that those who joined in the track quite understood my feeling at that moment. It was a beautiful day by all accounts, and I felt like hell, but it was time to move on. My agreement was that I'd drag the deer off preserve property before I cleaned it, and considering the shape I was in, I'm very grateful I had extra hands to help with the drag; It would have taken me hours to drag it all the way back, uphill. Once in a good, clear spot, I dressed the deer, showing both my buddy's daughter and his nephew how to go about the dressing, and showing the different vitals. It was as I looked at these kids and their fascination that I started to feel better about the ordeal, and my part in this situation, and I became even more grateful for the deer's offering. The kids paid close attention, and the nephew, a recent young hunter learned a few lessons about the importance of a quick and clean harvest. He asked a ton of questions about the tracks, and the cleaning, and I was very glad that I was able to answer them to the best of my ability. He's a studious and curious kid, and will do well when afield. I hadn't anticipated my role as educator until this moment. Now, with the temperature around freezing, the deer still hanging, and me on the mend, the wife and I will get to cutting the buck up in a day or two. We just finished a deer heart dinner, and I can now say that I feel pretty damn satisfied with all my fortune, and all the challenges that pressed me to learn this bow season. It was the best yet.
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    Ok Guys here's Wooly and my crazy turkey hunt this morning! We start off nice and early hoping for the best, get situated in the blind and heck have a few snacks!! We were sitting out there about alil over a hour or so and Wooly was getting antsy, we weren't seeing anything yet keeping each other pretty entertained playing around with the turkey calls. About another hour or so goes by and Wooly says he sees turkeys coming in. I was kicked back in the blind like I was lounging in my lazyboy!! It wasn't a good shot for me where they were so he helps me get the gun out the other window of the blind, I was tipped in my seat chair going sideways and finally get a chance for a shot... bam! the shot went off and I got him tipping back in the chair onto my brother with excitement!!! I did my ritual pummeling him with hugs practically knocking him over!! I said OMG I got him lets go get him, Wooly then says hey I can one too!!! Since there were 4 in the flock that came in 2 headed up the ridge and 1 headed down around to the front of us.... that was his moment to get one too! My shot was at about 20 yards or so.... I ended up with a beautiful tom with a 8 1/2" beard 1" spur weighing in at 19lbs!! I can only thank wooly for another amazing hunt today, without him I wouldn't have been out there having a fantastic time and making another great memory for our books!!! We took him off to the taxidermist for a awesome wall mount to be proud of for my living room wall, I'll always look at him now on the wall thinking of our great fall turkey hunt!! Thanks a million bro I love our adventures and can't wait for deer season to start so we can do it up all over again!!
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    That's awesome stuff right there ! Great pics of great birds with great hunters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks everyone! I'm going to wait and let Dalo tell her side of the story and give the weights and measurements, but I can't hold off any longer with some pics! All I can say is, for as much fun as we were having BEFORE the turkeys showed up, we should have absolutely, positively, not even seen a SONGBIRD let alone kill two nice gobblers to top things off! Hands down this turned out to be my most cherished hunt I'll likely EVER have! Just an amazing day to share a blind with sis! HUGE congrats to you Dalo, and I can't wait to see that bad boy stuffed on your wall! Thanks for the great hunt sis and I can't wait till you do it again this deer season!
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