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First Shot...?


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So, in areas where you can't use a rifle to hunt for deer, you'd generally be using a shotgun - and in my reading, that would be a legal implement to shoot a coyote in the dark, even during deer season. So, incidental encounters will generally be legal to shoot with whatever gun you're using to hunt deer, almost anywhere in NY. Without doubt, if rifles are legal where you hunt, coyotes are legal targets day and night.

First shot 6:36 on Saturday, 6:26 on Sunday, in region 8A.

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On 11/19/2022 at 6:19 AM, Kmartinson said:

613 today where I'm at in 7r Nothing unusual. Suspect it's accidental discharge but never can tell. I chose my spot today because I'll be surrounded by brown is down armies on both sides!!! Last year I heard over 50 shots by 10Am

accidental "spotlight" discharge.. heard one just before 6am saturday.. 

I guessed 627 in my area and it was 630..  8P 

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