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Best tasting fish?


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Halibut or swordfish, with shark right up there also. Freshwater....honestly, probably the most overlooked fish is Northern Pike. Taste/texture very similar to haddock, but we sure do love our walleye and perch.

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Largemouth bass are my favorite, but it is imperative that they be handled correctly.  If the fillets are still twitching when removed, they taste great.  That means keeping them alive and cool, with plenty of oxygen.  

Those who say they taste bad most often have no clue how to properly care for the meat.  If allowed to die naturally on a stringer or in a cooler, they take on a rotten, strong fishy flavor.  

If you keep them alive and in top condition, knock them unconscious, and remove the meat before they know what hit them, they taste great.  If you dry the fillets with paper towels and then vacuum seal, they taste great after up to a year in the freezer.  

Also, bass have too much oil in them for frying, but that is the least healthy way to cook fish and fish oil is very good for you.  Bass have just the right amount of oil in them, to stay moist during the healthier cooking processes, like grilling, broiling, or baking.  

My favorite way to eat their fillets is dipped in flour, then egg, then panko crumbs.  Then sear quickly in a frying pan with hot virgin olive oil, remove quickly, then bake in oven at 400 F for 20 or so minutes.


Tastes better than any beer battered fried fish and way better for you.  

Smallmouth bass are almost as good to eat that way, but a little harder to fillet.  They do fight more than twice as hard,  for pound though, making them hands-down my favorite fish. 

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