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Cast Iron Skillet Recommendations?


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I found this bad boy on a trip to Memphis a few years ago.  It was like 16 or 17 inches.  Im sure it’s not the strangest thing for TSA to see as carry-on luggage.  We gave it to my parents and they use it weekly for pizza.  
Oh that's a good idea



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20 minutes ago, The Jerkman said:

We use a pizza stone in the oven. Comes out fantastic! But for the Pizza Hut style deep dish only a cast iron will do


3 minutes ago, Otto said:

Our local favorite place has a Detroit style deep dish with chili honey, cup pepperoni, sliced cherry peppers and a thick layer of four different cheeses.  That would be awesome in a skillet.   

ive made breakfast pizza in the cast iron pans a few times and that comes out great 

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