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    50 yards from the stand. Better shot placement than I thought. Lungs, and probably an artery. Very, very grateful this morning. The wife and I have food for a while. Many tips I read here lead me to this moment. Thank you... I'm all thumbs when using Tapatalk
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    On opening weekend, she almost busted me from behind my stand. This past weekend she snuck behind me again. On Monday, I moved the stand to a different tree and cut down a few branches between two hemlocks. This morning, with the stand re-positioned and about 5' higher, I saw her coming, and used the hemlock in front of me to grab the bow, stand, turn, and draw. She quartered to me at 15 yards, and kept scenting and head-bobbing. She was cautious, but not on high alert. I had a small window before I lost her behind a second hemlock, so I aimed and took the quarter-to shot. She jumped about five feet and stood for a second, and I thought I saw dark blood pouring out of a middle-bodied entry wound. She looked around, but never looked up, so I hadn't been busted. She then ran off, and I thought I heard her tumble, but maybe bed down, close by. I decided to wait an hour before I climbed out of the stand and made any noise. After about 40 mins or so of scanning around, I saw the arrow sticking up out of the ground, and there was blood on the fletching, brighter than what I thought I had seen immediately after the shot. I climbed down, inspected the arrow, took a quick look in the direction she ran, and saw her dead about 50 yards away. I got her lungs, and her liver, and a whole lot of dinner for us.
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    Ok so I promised to share the story of my first deer at the new camp! It's. Been such a crazy past few days that I'm just doing it now. Ok so after numerous delays we finally had the closing on Friday around 1 pm, it took longer then expected because of a mistake by the lawyers and what not, after the closing my plan was to get in the woods right away but the women had other plans, they wanted to go to Walmart and get things for the house... Ok we did because I can't really say no to that... Finally pulled up at 4 and I changed grabbed my climber and headed for a area I thought would be good, got set up and found a tree. Nothing sat till dark and nothing, tons of sign and no deer. Headed in for dinner with my wife and partners in the camp and waited for jmp5000 to show up... He got there and we talked and decided we would only use climbers for the weekend. We loaded his into my truck and drove to the other side of the place a high ridge top to set his stand up for the morning hunt. We both sat the morning and again nothing tons of sign but no deer. We are staring to wonder if we did something wrong, but chalk it up to warm day time temps. Before heading in for lunch and a trip to town we do a little scout down my river bed. We realize that the stand I set up Friday night is in the perfect spot to catch deer crossing the creek going to and from the corn field. We hunt Saturday night and head to a local restaurant for dinner, with my wife my partners in the camp who happen to by my wife's cousin and her husband. At dinner we get a call that my wife's mother is being moved to a hospice, she has cancer. And we all decide that we will head home Sunday at 12 to go be with her.. We have a very large and very close family... Any Sunday morning my wife wakes me up at 5 and says baby you better go hunt, who knows how often we will be up here the next month or so with moms condition... I get dressed and jmp and I head to our stands. I'm sitting in my stand looking at my phone posting on here and I realize it just became legal shooting time, I slide my phone in to my sweatshirt pocked and as I'm doing this I look up and see the deer 6 of them coming up the cut from the creek bank. I stand draw my bow and settle my pin behind the front schlukder on the lead doe. I wait for the leg to come forward and release!!! Wack I hear the arrow hit her and then the dead logs behind her. All the deer take off, except her she jumps and then slowly walks away hunched up and very slow, my heart sinks, my mind immediately goes to did I just hit her guts... I wait a few minuets and walk to look for my arrow and first blood.... I find blood and am shocked to see that it is bright pink. We get on the trail and follow good bright pink blood for about 60 yards.. Then it drys up a big pool and then nothing... We head back to get my wife.... She is the best at following a blood trail, don't know why but she has the eyes for it.... She gets us back on track and within 15 min we find the deer 130 yard from where I shot her, in the thickest stuff on the whole property, only 50 Yards from the house. When we find her, we realize that she was way more quartered to then I had realized. The arrow went in hit one lung good clipped the other and exited through her stomach !!! Huge exit hole but completely packed with intestines.. We get her dressed out and back to the house to butcher, when my wife comes outside and says we need to go, my uncle called and mom is not doing well. I remember the propane guy telling me about a local butcher and I quickly call and drop the deer off, home we go. We get to the hospice and 12:30 on Sunday and mom is alert and able to talk to us and ask about the new camp.... All her family is there all 18 of us!! Mom passed at 7:00 Monday morning, it's been a crazy few days and I wanted to share it all with you guys. She was a great woman and we will bring many of her things up to camp! Even though it was a doe if I knew that it was all going to End this way I would have had it mounted and put over the fireplace for mom. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Daughter named chief of staff at collage she works at...
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    Shoot em again at close range. Not worth getting a hoof to the head IMO.
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    I was at camp today doing some little jobs working off the picnic table. A squirrel was hopping around getting hickory nuts in the yard. It kept cautiously getting closer and closer, keeping a close eye on me at all times, not knowing if it should "trust me". It got as close as ~10'. I headed out into the woods to check cams. When I returned, I found a hulled hickory nut laying on my jacket on the picnic table! It was like the squirrel left me a gift for not bothering it! Like, "Here, ya gotta try these!" LOL
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    I'm all out of likes, folks. Thank you to all! We'll be live from the kitchen later with friends. We enjoy a pan seared deer heart. And then to the butchering.
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    A few years ago, had a guy set up by my tree stand, he came from the state land that borders ours. We have the lines heavily posted with our names. So I walk up and say, you are on private land and the land owner would like you to leave! He tells me that >>>> >>>>>> is my buddy and gave me permission to be here. I looked him right in the eye and told him in a not so nice way, that I am >>>> >>>>>>, and I've never seen you before and to pack up and get off my property, NOW! I hate it when someone lies to my face! We have gotten a reputation for being rude to trespassers and having people ticketed, by having a couple close friends, who are state troopers hunting there. The only way to stem the tide of trespassers is to be not so nice, and to be on the property, a lot!
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    The greatest worry is not that the young hunters will get a false sense of hunting because they are out in October with a gun and are seeing better deer... the greatest worry is that the youngsters will never hunt at all. Any chance to get young hunters in the woods is a positive for future of hunting and conservation. Killing the buck of a lifetime on their first sit might just be the thing that keeps them in the woods for a lifetime.
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    My brother tested me around 9:20 just shot big buck. He waited 30min grabbed the arrow and backed out. He said it looked a little low, it was a 28yrd shot. We met up at my dad's and waited 2hrs and headed in to start the track. We followed the trail and finally found blood, not much though, we maybe went 15yards and we jumped him so we backed right out. Lucky for us our neighbor is an expert tracker and volunteers for deer search. We gave him a call and he was headed back from two calls, both times he recovered. About 3:30 we hit the trail with his dog. My wife dropped off my 8yr old son to tag along. Dog follows trail right off the bat, found his initial bed not much blood. About 150yrds later we jumped him and he takes off fast. Now the bloods pumping and he's leaving a decent trail not that the dogs needed much. We decide to press a little further, another 100 yards or so later u can see where he would stop so we kept going. Shortly after the dog does an quick right towards a ravine. My son and I stay back. I'm thinking the buck might have dropped into the gully, then my son says dad the deers right here and points to my left and it 5yrds away just laying there with his head up unable to move so we put a quick finish on him. Looks like he clipped one lung and maybe the liver. I have no cam pics of him. He did walk my camera seconds before my bro shot him. It's the best one off our land and out of a stand location I picked! He maxed out the 200lb scale, dressed out 175.
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    This is something that I find very troubling both on here and the hunting shows on tv.... People always say shot looked a little far back so I backed out and gave it some time..... That's great and exactly what you should do for a liver or gut shot deer! BUT look first, I'm not saying to track your deer I'm say go get some info. Find, look at and smell your arrow. Does it smell foul? No? What color is the blood? Dark red, pink? Follow blood for a little how much is there? What color is it? Does it smell? Do all this and maybe some more before you back out!! No need to let deer sit over night because you think you hit too far back do your research Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lasted about 30 seconds while I walked home from my stand.
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    Been finding a lot more rubs than I usually see on the property this year. Found the biggest and most aggressive of the year so far today. It's getting about that time! Looks like this buck left me $20 for the property damage!
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    He wouldn't let me into the stand. Fortunately for him I have a humorous side ..
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    The translation of this is that the UN and it's supporters will lose in their quest to fully rule the world. Keep in mind Uptown that it's never to late to wake up and smell the reality.
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    How has that worked out for Chicago, Detroit and DC?
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    I love that 20 minutes earlier you report "nothing seen" and then doe down. Reminds us all to hang in when we are feeling like there's little happening. Good luck with the recovery. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sharing is caring! You should take the nut, and leave a .22 round in it's place to show your appreciation,lol
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    Congrats on the hunt...happy and sad for you at the same time.
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    I have the same thing and in a field worked for years, it was never here until this year...I believe it was in the seed I bought.
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    When guys like g1 bush says he is voting for hildorbeast that's when you know the system is totally currupt the bushes are the ones who released that tape making trump look like a asshole . I wouldn't be surprised if the bush family made some secret deal with the clintons behind the scenes. As a favor for releasing that tape . Nobody does anything for nothing in DC they definitely made some deal behind the scenes over something.
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    If a local kid shot ANY deer that I was watching. I'd be the first one, to go over and congratulate them!
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    Imagine there was a guy in 2016 who was running for president. This guy supported building a huge wall along the southern border. He was widely mocked for the idea, particularly by the democrats. A border wall? 2000 miles long? Can't happen. Xenophobic, insane, crazy. Now imagine if during this multi-month-long debate about the wall the entire country seemed to forget that only ten years earlier a large majority of congress, including many democrats in both the house and senate, had approved construction of a wall. Imagine if that construction had gone ahead and already 1/3rd of the border wall was complete. Lastly, imagine if during the multi-month-long debate about this candidate's border wall neither he nor anybody else spent a single @*#&ing minute talking about the fact that there was already a wall 1/3rd along the border, he merely meant to complete it, and there had already been wide bipartisan support just ten years earlier for what was now in place. Guess what? you don't need to imagine it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mexico–United_States_barrier I don't understand why the existing, new wall that we already have along much of the border has not received a single bit of lip service--including from Trump. It makes it hard to cry foul about Trump's crazy plan when the majority of the government already thought it was a good idea only a decade earlier. Also, I think 99.1893839% of Americans have no damn clue that there is already a massive long wall in place. Personally, I'm all for completing the wall. I think immigration to this country needs a huge revamp. Loved the wall expansion the first minute I heard it.
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    Hey Guys!! I am new to this forum thanks to my brother Wooly. Looks like a cool site with a lot of cool reads. I am looking forward to another great hunting season with my brother with a lot more to learn from him and a lot of good laugh when we are out on our hunting adventures!! Always a great time!! Looking forward to sharing our hunting adventures and reading everyone else's as well.
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    Well just got back last night from a 5 day fishing trip on the salmon river up in Pulaski. For any of you that know the river, know it's a wonderful fishery and can always find something to catch. This year the salmon run has been pretty poor, like the last few years. There were more salmon in the river than the last 3 years combined, but they just didn't want to run. Still fishing was alright and hanging out with the same guys year after year is always great! Sunday was probably my best day on 3 years with about 40 hook ups, and most of those came with an hour. I'll post a few of the salmon and one nice big steelhead that I got. Some of the pics may look like duplicates but I promise they are with different fish. All were released except for the 2 coho and one steelhead I got. All in all it was a good trip no matter how poor the actual fishing was majority of the time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I ate Mcdonalds last night for my first time in over 5 years and I'm almost positive that's what caused it. This couple mile hike out of here is going to be scary especially because I'm out of baby wipes! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    A Fisher is one of those magical animals that you see once or twice in your life. Pelts don't seem to be worth much, so I can't imagine the reason for randomly shooting one.
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    I seen one while hunting in the southern Catskills. Was pretty neat to see in the wild
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    Finally have a pic after cutting tracks last 2 winters while deer hunting
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    I let most things slide, but trespassers piss me off. I pay the taxes for that land and work my ass off, only to have someone reap my rewards. He also just had to sit under my stand. I won't lie he was squatting in front of my stand so I thought he was taking a dump which really pissed me off. Glad you found a good way to deal with trespassers though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hes still Taughting me from the night, But i have located his watering hole.
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    Live from the office.....Congrats on the deer rebel....looks like a great mature doe! Sure wish I was in a treestand but at least I can follow what is going on in the woods on here....
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    Get well soon and get in the woods Philo. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Email the GPS coordinates of that stand and I'll cover it for you while you sit in the other one.
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    Just got out tonsils and adenoids gone now pain yet hope it stays timid so I can be in a stand by Thursday...off work for 2 maybe 3 weeks....hope it works as I planned it Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    I like to have something in the background , for those with sharp eyes to find. Also a Shania Twain autographed CD ......
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    Well camp was a bust today saw 5x more moose sign than deer. Didn't even see a tail today and covered about 7 miles. Had to come home for a few hours now I'm repackaged and heading back up for a couple more days. This is my last chance of the year to get one in the ADKS with the bow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Op you're getting good advice but id not change anything now. Wait a month when it's all over
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    Trump may not be close to what we would like in a president, but Hillary would be a total disaster for America. If she wins, stick a fork in America, it's done. I could list 100 reasons why, but I think we all know them, including the OP.
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    Ever get that feeling like you know there are deer in the brush near you but they won't come out?
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    Just for next time... If your broad heads were sharp you should have hair at the hit site. Sometimes one of the hardest things is finding the exact spot when your excited. I have tracked a lot of deer and helped quite a few others. At times I have had hunters adamant the deer was right here when they hit it only later find out by tracks, hair and even blood that they were yards off at times. So when you shoot pay attention to a few things. Did you see arrow hit? Is arrow still in deer? If so where and how much is in/ out of deer. Deer reaction to hit and sounds. Watch deer until out of site and immediately mentally mark that spot and where the deer was at shot. If you are elevated it all looks different from the ground. Mark hit spot with flagging tape, and as you find blood it helps establish a line of direction. Two things jump out to me. Not finding the hit spot and you should have seen an arrow in him running away. Could you actually have missed him and hit a tree or branches, rocks... Behind him? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Facts that make Hillary unfit for the office of president: 1) She is responsible for Benghazi and four DEAD Americans 2) She hasn't accomplished anything in her political career 3) She is a PROVEN liar 4) She belongs in jail (misuse of personal server, lie to congress, destroy evidence after subpoena) 5) She is corrupt and her only motive is to fleece the American public for her selfish gains
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    I hope it does. We're supposed to safeguard the Constitutional Republic that is the USA rather than the self-serving politicians who happen to have an (R) after their name.
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    Not a Brittany, she's a dropper, generic name for a pointer/setter/hound mix, bred specifically for hunting turkeys; Maizy favors her sire Stonewall Jackson, who is mostly English pointer. There's a network of guys in Virginia that breed these dogs, some of the lines go back 100 years. Attached is a picture of my buddy's dog Lucky, she's from the same line of dogs (Maizy's aunt), she looks to be more Gordon setter.
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    WENT OUT YESTURDAY IN THE RAIN got a little wet not to bad doe comes in at 15 yrds did a full body pass muzzy 3 blade shot was just off base of neck took out lungs and everything in the middle came out just before her nipps .....good mature doe she went 20ft
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