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    Quick hunt. 3 gobbles on roost. They flew down I cut the distance from 250 yards to about 150 using ridge as cover. 1 purr and cut me off. 2 hens got behind me at 10 yards. This gobbler was on a string as I purred one more time. He and another was behind him a bit. Saw him at about 30 yards but too thick. Oh crap he’s going to walk on my feet if he gets any closer. Full on search mode even with two ladies right in front of him. Shot him at 8 yards. Love me this fastfire 3. Hole in neck size of quarter. Bang no flop on this one. View from gobbler lounger , hat where I shot him.
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    My first Tom! 6:20 @ 20 yards Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi guys i know i have mentioned house hunting, after almost two years I'm in the process of buying a place on 30 acres. I'm really excited to work on the place and make it our own. Me and my girlfriend walked it today and found plenty of deer and Turkey sign, excited for the next chapter in our lives!
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    Today was my most exciting turkey hunt of my short turkey hunting career. Was going to have a buddy come to my place to hunt. However the lack of turkeys lately made us choose a property in Darien he has permission to hunt. Got to the fields by 530 and listened for awhile and didn't hear any birds. We did hear a other hunter hittin the owl hooter pretty hard. We decided to move back to the edge of a field that border hardwoods and had fields on either side of us. We sat and called for about a hour and a half with no responses. He moved down the edge of a field next to us and called. Got a reaction immediately from a tom that was probably 250-300 yards away. We made a plan and moved towards the tom which was sounding off on the other side of a ravine in a hidden back field. When we got to the ravine i called and instantly he responded. We setup there calling to him and he kept gobbling. However he wasnymt moving, and we figured he was around 150 yards away in the far field. We moved up the ravine through some pines and stopped just below the crest of the hill. We would call and he would respond, but still in that corner. He decided we should move to the edge of the field by us. When we got there and called we got no response...did we spook him? We stayed there contemplating our next move. Then boom he gobbles and is within 100 yards nack in the pines. We each move into the pines across from us, i call and gobbles back. Next i could see two heads cresting the other side of the pines 50 yards away, 2 hens, and behind them there he was full strut blue and bright white head glowing. I had a downed tree 20 yards out infront of me blocking most of him except the top of his head and his tail feathers, my buddy adjusted to try and get a better view and the hens saw it. They all got nervous and started moving awy slowly, i figured it was now or never i gave a couple yelps so he would pick his head up, it worked, boom...flop...turkey dinner. 38 yards, mossy 835 with winchester xx 3.5" #5. 8.5" beard, 1" spurs, guesstimated weight of 21lbs. Sorry for the long response, great day in the woods.
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    Found this little rooster at Tractor supply and figured I'd give it a shot. I might go back for the elephant and a few others,lol
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    My son bagged a nice Tom 10 minutes into the season. He has to be at work at 7:40 a.m. so guess who gets stuck with the cleaning! valoroutdoors.com
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    We added 29 new hunters to our ranks today, from our NYS Hunter Education Course! About half kids, and the other half was split between adult women and men. A cold blustery day out there for the field exercises, but all passed with good scores! A great class. They asked lots of questions, even during break times. I arrived at 7am, for set up, and sign in, and left at 5:20pm, after clean up. Was also there last night after work for an hour or so. But the high fives and smiling faces, after handing out their certificates, was so much worth any time spent. This giving back to something, I've loved my whole life, is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. After today, there are 29 more hunters out there that I'd be proud to share the woods with.
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    Daughter just got home from saftey course. She was very excited to show me her certificate. Ide like to thank anyone on here that gives up there time to help get kids and adults get into the tradition of hunting and shooting by teaching these courses. She said her class was 50/50 kids to adults and same for male and female total was about 30people ahe said. She thanked instructors as did i when i dropped her off. She was smiling the whole way home. Next weekend me and my new hunting partner are going to chase some turkeys and start making memories.
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    Had a classic hunt. My but no sooner hit the ground at 5:02, and the gobbling started. Two were about 400 yrds away and on the neighbors. Not a fan of hunting close to borders, but I snuck to within 30 yrs of the posted signs. Toms were probably 250 yrds out. One would barely catch his breath before gobbling again. Must have gobbled 100 times. Used a pot and a month call to give some soft tree yelps. 5:25 he hit the ground. He gobbled the entire way in. Ay 50 yrds he put on a show, spitting and drumming, and triple gobbling. I hadn't made a single call since he was coming in willingly. He slowly closed the distance while doing his dance and gobbling constantly. At 25 yrds, I putted to get him to break strut, and down he went. Shot at 5:38. 23#, 1 1/8 hooks, 11" beard.
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    Came in silently. Sent from my LGMP260 using Tapatalk
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    I miss them every day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My daughter was just a recent Grad of her hunter safety course and thought I’d take her to look at some guns and get her fitted. Went to Corfu A&k guns and I happen to know owner Ken pretty well over the years. He really took his time with her measuring her and keeping in mind that we wanted a gun she can grow into. Ended up with a 20g Browning micro Midas. It has the expansion plates for her as she grows and have the option to get a 28” barrel later on . Funny my first gun was a Browning A5 and now hers is a Browning. She’s really pumped to start shredding some paper and eventually clay’s . So what or when was your first?
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    My neighbor brought me this big ol' cherry log a few weeks ago so I got to sawing on it the other day and finished up this afternoon. My plan started with a simple drawing of a dragon that lives in my head and it worked out pretty sweet on the wood too!
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    Daughters Remington 870 youth 20 has fired 2 rounds in the woods. Buckmaster7600 sent us a rifled barrel few years ago. Her first deer was thanksgiving day Awesome day for her n I. Deadest deer I’ve ever seen. From deep slumber sleep , I tapped her on shoulder , she never wasted a second , optics turned on , safety off , I whisper take him , boom before I can finish , 29 yards and both lungs and heart gone. Dinorocks was happy to do the euro and mount the rack. This year I asked her to borrow her gun one afternoon. I always carry ML from day one of regular season on. My chocolate racked 8 point presented himself hour into hunt. 80 yard shot. We’re 2 for 2 Gun since camo taped years back for turkey season. Feeling we both tip over a bird this spring with it. Deer barrel from Buckmaster, Moho transported her deer when my carrier broke , Treeguy just cleaned and tightened saddle mount , Dinorocks did euro for her deer . what a forum ! Thank you
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    My heaviest NY bird in 25 seasons of chasing them...
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    This morning I chose to hunt public land instead of private land where I saw two hens last evening. I was able to drop this jake nothing big , but the hunt was fun. With the conditions this morning I wasn’t going to give him a pass. I am always grateful to Jesus for allowing me enjoy his outdoors.
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    Dad scored with the Xbow this am Sent from my LM-V405 using Tapatalk
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    Heard a ton of gobbling on the roost but they flew down the opposite direction that I was hoping. Got up to take a leak around 8am and 4 jakes where entering the field I was set up on so I sat back down quickly. There was just enough of a hill that I couldn't see them from my chair til they were 30 yards away or so. Thought they would attack my full strut deke but they came to it very cautiously and hung up 20 yards from it. I knew I was gonna be busy this month and wouldn't get out too much this season so I let the closest one have it. If I do get to go out more this year I'll hold out for a long beard but I'm perfectly happy with what I got Sent from my SM-J327T using Tapatalk
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    I would shoot the egg if I came across one at this point. lol
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    Absolutely nothing wrong with legally shooting young bucks. Over the years I've shot a good number of them. And proud of every one of em too! At this stage of my hunting career, I "choose" to hunt bucks with a little more age on them for the added challenge. But in no way does that mean I'll "never" shoot another young one! Depends on the circumstances? It is very important to me, to not lose sight of why I hunt. And not be caught up in the quest to shoot older bucks, and lose sight of the many reasons I enjoy being out there! Shoot What You Like...........Like What You Shoot. Pretty simple recipe for deer hunting enjoyment. No one size fits all. No hunter should ever question, what another hunter decides to shoot! And no hunter should ever feel diminished by what they "choose" to shoot. It's all hunting. And it's all good my friends.
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    one hell of a hunt this morning in NY on one of my favorite ridges. Super quiet and the air was very still. The first gobble was almost 6AM. Moved up to within 150 yards Woods are wide open with no green up yet. 6 gobbles on the roost, and no response to a fly down. 15 minutes later the crow's startup, and they are coming my way. time passes and I get a consistent series of clucks straight out in front but beyond my sight line. Two jakes approach and now answer calls like they mean it. Strutter stays back in and out of sight, definitely out of range. Jakes walk within 8 yards of me and stop to gobble close enough behind me that you can hear that croak in their gobble. Stutter spins in place does not advance. I make two really soft yelps and I get my ears blown off as they walked up to the tree behind me. Impressive as they sounded like mature birds. This goes on for 90 minutes as the jakes want that hen, and won't leave, the strutter won't move. Fourth time back and forth from out in front to behind me in this game, the stutter commits and I drop him at 25 paces. One jake runs off,. the other stands there and just gobbles. Had to yell, and thrown sticks at him to make him leave. Odd bird, little over 17 pounds, no spurs, and three beards that two are broken off at 4.5" As I walked back to the truck after taking pictures, the two jakes were still gobbling until the rain kicked up and made for a wet mid-morning. Very fun and loud hunt, WIth the slow start of the opening ending up with gobbling right up till the noon fire whistle, it is a rather refreshing start of the season despite the lousy weather.
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    @turkeyfeathers shamed me into going back into the woods at 10:30, I heard a bird gobble a couple times so I setup and worked him for well over an hour. He gobbled, came in but I decided it was too far, he walked away hammering to every call I made but wouldnt turn around. A jake comes in silent and that seemed to bring the tom back. He came in to 15 yards and went to full strut and...MISFIRE! By some miracle I cycled that shell out, put it back in and promptly missed him lol. It was one of the best hunts I've ever had but no bird
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    Helped me construct a bridge to span 14.5’ over a creek for my ATV. Will make things much easier recovering deer. No way I could have done it without his knowledge and muscle. Solid as a rock even with me on the ATV. Bob is just one of those friends that will do anything he can to help. His mentor program is just further proof Thanks much my friend. Hopefully we will be using it to recover a deer you kill there!