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What's for dinner tonight?


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No FAIR, Wooly..!!..

I started OUT second from the right..

Tonite I had venison chili with crusty french bread and BEER..!!

I'm using up last year's supply of deerburger...Got 2 pounds left and 60 pounds of fresh stuff in the freezer.

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venison backstrap sliced thin,browned medium in frying pan then added to water, brown rice,mixed vegetables (frozen),carrots,squash,brocolli (frozen) 1 small can of sliced mushrooms,diced fresh onions,garlic powder,black pepper and whatever other seasoning you like in a stock pot, simmered 45 minutes. sprinkle grated cheese over a large bowl full and enjoy.Beer and cigar optional.

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We have the grandsons for an overnight and took them shopping for some stuff. Asked them where they wanted to eat they said, pizza hut.....yuck said I to myself. So just as we are getting done the owner came over to us and told us and every one else

to grab our coats and go outside as they just called the fire department. So as we go out the fire trucks are coming in and the grandsons thought that was just so cool. They put out a small electrical fire on the roof in one of the vent units. We went back in and got 50 percent off the bill and the boy are still talking about all the fire trucks and and how good the pizza was. Me...I got to go look for some tums.

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Last night had friends over and  roasted up a wild turkey from this past Spring.  Served with some frozen veggies from the garden and a sausage and wild rice stuffing (cooked outside the bird).  The bird was well wrapped (no freezer burn, thankfully) and I gave him 6 days to defrost.  Used the Alton Brown method and he came out tender and juicy. 


Bird sewed up with apple and onions inside.



After roasting.


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