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Hello all 

Just found this,forum  and can't wait to learn what's new in ny. I grew up.in Champlain NY spent 38 yrs, hunting hikeing ,fishing ,camping &exploring  ny Adirondacks   & Catskills,from.north to south and,east to west . just moved back to the tughill area after spending 14 yrs between Montana & Wyoming ,many things in the state have changed many remain the same  glad to be back 


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2 hours ago, Swamp_bucks said:
2 hours ago, Swamp_bucks said:

Welcome back.  Theres a chance there's a bunch more changes for this coming year. One already passed that was giving us an extra week at the end of the year.

I see NY has a,unconstitutional safe act   and that.eventually even buying ammo and or reloading supplies will require a,back ground check (commiefornia #2).   Next  it. Will be banning the use of lead projectiles for  any hunting , and out law the harvest of certain big game animals,                



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1 minute ago, rob-c said:

Welcome back, and yes lots of changes in ny some good some not so much. 

Yeah. Going to be a,learning experience that's for sure. Gonna take,some,adjusting , here stand hunting for,deer  is king

out west spot and stalk   & long distance shooting (600+ yrds) and the 300 WM are,the norm 

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