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    So it was the opening morning " give me a break fest" which I have now come to expect over the years...I get to my spot last minute decision permethrin on clothes and thermacell lantern going. The black flies didn't care, it was bad once it got light. I no sooner sat and I got a coughing jag, not a little one I mean coal miners cough type.....that finally subsides and my sinuses are flowing like the Niagara river and I'm about to go home ...When I hear some faint clucks...long and short of it very faint gobbles to my right and behind me...2 far off shots from same direction...I'm doing purrs and clucks and the occupational(occasional)LOL hen gobble and yelp...when I hear a twirp purr behind me and I start to get ready...I cant lift the gun up because I have no idea which end of blind they will show...in the mean time I hear a gobble above me. I wait and wait then do some clucks and a soft yelp that's when I hear the snapping...and the black flies are in my eyes and biting my forehead. To my left out pops a hens head... I think greatThen 1,2,3,4,5,6, red heads come right in behind her and they are between 1 and 10 ft from the blind eyes in every single direction All jakes....I watch them for a bit and feel another coughing jag starting to erupt...Well that sealed the deal. I had the closest one to me go behind a sapling and I shouldered the gun, he of course saw it as did all the others. He was a good 12 ft away running, bam ! WTH clean miss,Seriously! He swings around and comes back as I look over to see his buddies still standing there...I swung the gun and dropped the first bird the bead hit.....Didn't that gang of 5 remaining come back to circle stomp their dead buddy. I watched this a little bit until I hear Gobble Gobble and here comes the long beards I think I had played with at Rivers blind...which was directly behind me on the other side of the woods. Well they past, but those Jakes were still hanging in 15 ft away making quite the stink. I got up and they went up the hill but still stayed yelling at me...they'd run back towards the blind then back up the hill...I have never seen that before ,they weren't letting it go. So I did something I normally won't do especially opening day or even here..Camp yes it's too far a drive to come home empty handed... not as much meat but it should taste great... my next hunt will need to be from an enclosed blind not brush...,any black fly remedies out there? 1/2 in. buttons and 3 1/2 in beard 16#'s... here he is and pic of birds with the blind I was in in the back ground.
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    I got lucky this morning and found a dumb one... Had my pick of two adult gobblers ..Both looked about the same size, but one was strutting nonstop and was perhaps five yards farther...The other one stretched his neck nice and high Ba Da BING !! 38 paces.... 18 pounds,, 9 3/4" beard and 1" spurs....
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    Starting to rain here that's a wrap for us real quiet and wet. I had the best hunt even though we only seen deer
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    Put one to bed last night, he walked 6 feet from me going to roost. He couldn't take the bomber talk and gobbled the last time at 6am. Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk
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    Woods are loud had a deer blow at me for about 15 minutes it seemed letting everyone know I'm here. No gobbles frustrated. Got my 10 year old playing hookie for the first time.
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    So, so, so close this morning...my wife passed on a iffy shot...proud of her for holding back. Redemption tomorrow! !!
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    Seems like Biz is vacationing in Texas now ....
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    Bird roosted. Hope he plays the game in the morning!
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    Blue fish steak Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I had to retrace my footsteps this morning as I think I missed a stick I didn't step on and snap. Found it and stepped on it , all good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well...I'd have a big beauty of tom dead right now to show you guys...but my boys couldn't quite hold it together long enough. [emoji849] Just as they are getting bored and wanted to go home. I hit the call one more time and a bird gobbles less than 100 yards behind us. My 2 year old starts flipping out that he wants to go home and I couldn't get him to quiet down enough in time. Bird came in and got spooked by all the commotion coming from the blind. What a bummer! O well, I'll come out tomorrow morning after work by myself and see if I can get it done.
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    Where? My countdown clock says 152 days?
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    I am very hopeful that both me and pops will flop 2 tomorrow. Lots of birds in the fields all day long. Should be able to flop, Tim Horton's, then flop another ! We shall see. Good luck to all my fellow beard collectors!!! Be safe Ps, I think they are ok with my blind placement.... Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Blind paid off, again. Dad shot a Tom @ 15yrds, after the Tom walked far enough away from the blind to shoot !! He came in and walked around the blind so close he couldn't shoot !! All on film.... Great memory !! Sent from my XT1650 using Tapatalk
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    Not me.......Had one at 60 yards +/- that just wouldn't commit. Windy with sprinkles all morning, a few times later today the wind died down to an except-able level but still way windier than I'd have liked. Saw a gobbler JUST before the storm hit today in the pasture here. He gobbled his fool head off at the lightening! Wonder where he'll be come 5:30am.................?? My buddy killed an adult this morning, he had his 11 year old twin boys with him in the blind at the time. Twas a good deal!!
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    Good luck to all members here who are taking to the Spring Turkey Woods this May. I really think it will be an awesome Spring. And we finally have a REAL Spring. Plenty of cool days to go with the warm. Winter to Summer is no fun and the toms shut down the gobbling sooner. There should be plenty of 2-year old reved up gobblers out there from what I have been seeing in 4 days of hunting in New Jersey.
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    Well members- I heard at least 12 different toms this morning. I think 4-5 that were together were a gang of pesky jakes. The first tom to gobble was kind of late--around 20 minutes before Sunrise. I hit the fly-down flapper 5 minutes after that and I was going to do nothing else UNTIL I heard them. Hens-- at least 4-5 of them. I was in an ajoining field from them--but no more then 100 yards away and a nice woods road connected the fields. So- I accepted the challenge and competed with the hens. Was hoping to call a nice gobbler in for Jeannine and maybe I could nail the watcher if 2 came in. With all those hens- I did something that has worked before--but not this morning however. I gave 3 jake yelps on my TOP CALLS double glass followed by a gobbler cluck and followed that up with raspy hen yelps on my Lohman black walnut --double thunder box caller. The gobbler roared at this knowing that a jake was with a hen and just out of his sight. In the end though- the real hens won as they do 95% of the time. 0 for 5 hunting days now--but there is the whole month.
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    I'm just putting the gear back in the boat, My list Flares in date Throwable flotation devise safety vest for each occupant fire extinguisher needle nose pliers couple hand towels grime boss wipes docking rope sunscreen bug spray couple ball caps and spare set of cheap sunglasses, I never fail to lose one pair overboard a year! anchor and rope net, rods tackle, rain gear....as needed you also need signaling/running lights if running after dark I always have some water bottles stashed away as well a sealable bail bucket which has in it first aid kit gorilla tape spare boat plug, also have one in truck console whistle flashlight/batteries TP boat reg and ins card
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    yesterday during the day i was working in the garage and heard a tom sound off. i've got a beat old box call in leave in there. for laughs and fun i called the long beard in from out back to the edge of the yard. daughter who's almost 3 couldn't take it any longer. ran out from behind the corner of the garage and out into the yard after it. it obviously didn't like that and went back out into the corn field. kids i tell ya!
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    Put a sneak on Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My wife and I will be out. I'm the guide / caller and she is the shooter should the opportunity present itself...
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    you're right 5 months X 30 = 150 duh!! Either way I got plenty of time.
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    PS...only one shot from any of the camps...
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    Well, this is a first.. buddy and his son called in a decent tom. He shot and the bird dropped. Within seconds a red fox came out of the brush and pounced on the trukey. He's seen the fox in his barnyard a few times running off with a chicken or duck, so he didn't need any convincing to shoot the fox.
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    Good luck and be safe out there. Leave a bird or two for me to get on a weekend (hopefully). I am the lucky one to be the only other person in the office with specific training that can cover for someone who is out for hand-surgery. Had to cancel 4 scheduled days off to turkey hunt so far and may have to cancel the other 3 days pending their date return to work. With some other weekend obligations, Even yesterday I had to help my boss on an issue he had for over a week and he said nothing about until he was about to travel for work related business. Really, wait until Sunday on what was supposed to be on a 4 day-weekend for me to ask for help. I may be looking at tag soup without even putting on a pair of boots. Post some good stories and pics of your season so I can live vicariously through all of you turkey hunters out there if things keep going south on me here.
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    Never are they a huge problem where we hunt. I sweated my doughnuts off going up the mountain this morning. On way out I'd stop too hit the crow call and noticed just a few black flies. Once moving again I was fine. Did you try a full head net and gloves ? Try hanging a few dryer sheets in your blind. I've used them before sticking one in the back of my hat while fishing. Although being white I would not do this turkey hunting. Avon skin so soft works very well too. Fragrant but them thunder chickens can't smell it. Because of co2 Citranella candles would be bad idea in blind too. That's all I got for ya Growie
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    I found this mud puddle today and it looks like the turkeys are drinking from it and eating the pollywogs. I haven't seen this many pollywogs since I was a kid.
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    Thanks Grampy but credit is all theirs. Joel can already teach me a thing or several about bass and I spend 5 minutes explaining expansion to release to Natalie and she picks it up immediately while I still battle with a static release at times. Its fun to see the improvement though. She told me she had aim 4 feet over the back of the boar to hit it. It took a few times to figure it out. I think she needs some better tuned and lighter arrows if she is going to shoot from there. She is pretty consistent from about 10yds and in, which is darn good for 8 years old. With that bow and arrow combo, it would be like me shooting at 60-70yds and that would be UGLY.
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    Threw a cam over a decoy I had left out a few days and nights and put another cam over an area I found some heavy scratching above my neighbors pond. Was hoping to hear some gobbles, see some strutting, or watch them beat the deke but didn't get any of that. Just happy to see some birds around and have a few cams that shoot good video. Hoping to capture a kill on them Monday!
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    Nice work!! I liked everything you posted! All are very cool! Keep em coming Zem!
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    Very quick 4 shot volley across street. Laughing at that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    2-3 Toms gobbled until on deck. I'm now in a fight with a hen cutting hard. I'll play bitchy with you babe and bring the boys. First shot miles away just now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    My ultra reliable Benelli Super Nova. Nothing done to it other than a extended range Pattern Master choke. Well over 20 thousand rounds through the barrel and has never given me a problem. It even spent a night in a pond in Kansas once. Barrel has gotten a little pitted and ugly from the abuse so I think I'll be getting a new barrel for it at some point. But I have no doubts my boys will be fighting over this gun someday for it's a awesome gun to shoot
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    Me's got gobbles. Off about 250-300. Hope he'd like to play. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Rocky point is one place i believe. That's the only place of public land where I know of that people have success on them.
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    You just used an unknown to explain another unknown. I still don't know what's a Cootie Dumpling and now I'm just as curious as to what is a Scottish Fortune Cookie is. I remember as a toddler, we generally avoided cooties.
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    Good luck guys. This will be 33rd straight season opener missed. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I carry my stand and sticks and bow. Anything else that doesn't fit in my pockets stays at the truck
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    If I had to carry that much stuff I would likely find a new hobby. I couldn't imagine putting in the miles I do with any more than I already carry "very small fanny pack." Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Best to you all be safe and enjoy every minute out there...
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    I heard a gobbler in the woods for the first time ever today and it was awesome. Can't wait for Saturday
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    I get it and agree there seems to be an over kill among some with their gear . However I also know that it seems hunters as a whole have always used the most advanced gear avalible at the time . Did they not ? I see today's tree stands as the biggest aid in bow hunting .
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    Right I'm not that old but theg are a lot less trouble when they aren't in my boat Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
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    Never fails Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looks like a great spot! By the looks of that deer run along the creek, all your hard work will be rewarded, this fall!
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    For a moment I thought so too but the purple elephant told me I should be okay before flying away and I believe him. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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